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Delivery Working Share Info

The first week of deliveries starts in mid June and goes for 16 weeks, most likely through the end of September depending on when the first week starts.  We’ll send you your delivery route including:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Town
  • Phone number
  • Where to leave the basket
  • Direction to enter coming from the main road of each member on your route

All via email well before the first delivery. 

You can deliver them in any order that works for you, send us the sequence a week in advance and we will order the baskets in that sequence for when you pick up from us at the farm.


Please keep this sheet throughout the season for your reference.  While on your route please remember to drive carefully and follow all driving laws and precautions as safety is always the first priority


Before you can be accepted as a deliver driver, we need a copy of your certificate of liability insurance naming Tracie’s Community Farm, LLC, 72 Jaffrey Rd, NH 03447 as the certificate holder, along with a copy of your drivers license.  Your insurance agent should send this to us as long as you have a policy with them, though some won’t and due to our insurance, we can’t allow you to drive.


The baskets should be ready to go by 3:30 p.m. on any given delivery day.  Please pick up before 5:30 p.m. if possible so that you are not arriving at homes too late.  The baskets will be in order for you so that the first person on your route will be the last basket you place in your vehicle.  The first basket you put in will be your last stop most likely your own basket.  This makes it convenient when you are delivering in terms of getting them out of your car.  The best way to put the baskets in the car is so you can see the tags when looking for which delivery you need to pull out of the car.  You can usually fit baskets in on the floor if you don’t have enough room in your trunk.  You can get pretty creative fitting baskets in!


When you drop off the basket in the place specified on your delivery route sheet you pick up the last weeks basket, which should be left in the same place.  If it’s not there, don’t worry.  When picking up these baskets, please nest these baskets in your car in the order of your route to help us in efficiency when setting the baskets out on the table.  You can place the large family baskets in a separate pile as they don’t stack with the others. 


When you come back to the farm the next week, bring the baskets you picked up the previous week so we can reuse them.  You can place the baskets in the barn under the day you pick up (Monday, Wednesday or Friday).  The egg cartons and other items that people leave in their baskets can go on the table near where you leave the baskets to the left side of the barn.


If you ever arrive to pick up baskets and they are not finished, you can help us with bagging or packing your deliveries to get you on the road right away.  We do aim to have them ready but there have been times when this doesn’t happen. 


You may find yourself looking at the directions a lot the first week to figure out the route.  Please be sure to watch the road and only look at the directions when you are stopped for your safety!  By the 3rd week you should have it down and it will be smooth sailing! 


If you are going away or can’t make it one week, be sure to trade your route with another delivery driver.  It must be another driver due to insurance reasons.  We’ll send you an email before the season begins with all the work shares on the to line.  All you need to do is reply all and send a message to the group requesting a replacement for the week you will be away or if you are sick.  You can trade with them one of the weeks before or after, where you do their route as a way of returning the favor.


Please let us know if you have any questions about any of this or anything else, (443)-994-4629 or

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