Hi all,

I was fortunate enough to be able to spend one day a week this summer as a share worker with Tracie and her crew. I can tell you they are incredibly hard workers with a lot of enthusiasm for what they do, and life in general. They could all get paid much better doing almost anything else, so we should all be very appreciative for what they do for us. Certainly consider sending them a note of gratitude.
They work fast and efficiently and though I always considered myself a hard worker, they make me feel slow by comparison; of course I’m in my late 50’s and they are all in there 20s and 30’s. Tracie is incredibly enthusiastic worker setting the pace and tone for everyone around her. It is amazing how much food they crank out, all while having a good time.
I had a few advantages though, provided by the wisdom of age and experience. I could see how they could do somethings even more efficiently, like using a spreadsheet to enter and calculate values and save data instead of using a white board, calculator and paper (yes, a bit ironic that this old dog would be able to teach these young pups these kinds of things).
I’m helping them to develop an integrated digital system for more easily keeping track of their harvest and distribution process. As some of you saw last week, they are looking for a few donated laptops. This is just a start. I’m hoping to transition them to iPads, but this would be an extravagant expense for a farm, so I’m hoping some of you might send your older iPads their way, especially as you make way for new ones this holiday season. 
Though I never met most of you, it was a pleasure helping Tracies’ crew fill your baskets with great food this past summer.
Peter Martel-Antrim
We loved our summer share and my 3-year-old son always looked forward to hauling in the basket each week to see what had arrived! Thank you!
Jennifer Keeney-Bleeg, Dublin
I want to thank you all for providing me with fresh, nutritious food, all of which I enjoyed (some having to learn to enjoy).  I haven’t been this happy or healthy in years.  Fridays are now my favorite time of the week!  and I look forward to the fall shares and new taste experiences.
Warm Regards,
Andrea Thackston, Fitzwilliam
Hello Tracie, fellow farmers, delivery people and all who made this summer’s CSA
program another wonderful one!We enjoyed each week’s delivery very much.
We feel very fortunate to have such wonderful, caring, dedicated farmers that we
can know by name who produce such exceptional quality produce that we shared
with family and friends!Looking forward to next year’s
harvest!Until then, be well and thanks again!
Jeni, David and Charlie Hall, Dublin
Dear Tracie & Crew—-
Another summer is gone! Many thanks for the veggies. Have a good winter & we will look fwd. to seeing you next summer—–
Keith & Roberta Gordon, Nelson  Members since 2001 our first year of CSA!
Hi Tracie –
Thank You! for a great season, what an abundant summer!  We still have quite a bit of produce, and great tomatoes! 
Karen Van Houten, Jaffrey
Hi Tracie and Staff,
Thank you all for a wonderful Summer 2013. Everything was great! We will sign up in Jan for the Summer 2014!
Happy Halloween Season to you all.
Maureen and Jay Delbove
Keene, NH
Hi Tracie and Co., Thanks for a great summer season! We were very impressed with the quality and variety of produce, as well as the abundance. It was always a treat to be introduced to some new vegetables that we would not have thought of. Thanks also for the recipes- the ones that we tried were a hit! See you next summer!
Christine and Brian Kruse, Keene
Dear All,
Evan and I started the summer share late, but I was so excited to still be able to sign up for it. We just happened to stop by one day. I started to look forward to every Friday picking up our basket and enjoying every bite that was in that carefully arranged basket – making sure that nothing would go to waste. I have especially been enjoying the variety of every week’s harvest bounty and would like to thank you all for your dedicated hard work. Evan and I appreciate all you do. THANK YOU!
Theresia & Evan Weber-John
Troy, NH
My summer share was great and exceeded my expectations. I will be signing up
again for next summer’s share.
Ruth Murphy, Fitzwilliam
   This was my first experience with a CSA and I am VERY pleased.  I don’t like the thought of having to go back to grocery store produce ever!  The vegetables were delicious and the variety was great too.  I am a very satisfied customer!  I’m looking forward to my fall share!  Keep up the good work : )
            ~ Natalie DiNardo, Gardner, MA


You all deserve our deepest appreciation for another summer of beautiful,healthful, interesting and challenging veggies.  We have introduced others to Tracie’s and they are now members and so excited to receive their baskets.  The produce we receive each week has challenged us to investigate new recipes and share with friends.  We also love the idea of being able to stock up on bread and extra veggies at the FarmStore.  Thank you,Tracie!!!

Stephanie & Jack Minteer, Jaffrey
November, 2013 regarding fall share:
Enjoying all of wonderful vegetables we have received. It has really forced myself and my family to step outside of the box a little and try some new things. So thank you!!!! Have a great week!
Cheryl Varieur, Winchendon MA
We are new to the farm and we LOVE IT.  Already looking forward to next season.
Todd and Mark, Groton MA
BTW, you and all that you’ve done and the folks you’ve brought together are incredible. Thank you.
Tory and Carl McCagg, Jaffrey NH
I’d also like to thank you for the delicious vegetables this fall. It is such a treat to have really fresh vegetables this far into the fall, and I appreciate it very much. Have a wonderful (and restful) winter.
Kathy Walters,
Thanks so much for a great CSA fall season! We look forward to slowly using up the onions, garlic, potatoes, winter squashes over the winter.
Katrina Farmer,
I was very satisfied with the fall share! I know you have to deal with the crops as they come. I love the variety of what you offered, parsnips were a special treat and the sweet potatoes were the best ever! I still have them stored in the cellar along with beet and carrots. The kale and chard were great. I’m trying to think of something I can offer to suggest improvement but I can’t! It was such a treat and, if I may add, the pickup at Mayfair Farm was terrific — warm spot and a shop I had not really explored until I went there for my basket. I ended up doing a lot of my Christmas shopping there! All in all, I couldn’t be happier with the fall share and will definitely enroll again.
Have a wonderful holiday and I hope you will have a restful couple of months before the action starts up again.
Edie Clark, Dublin NH
Hi Tracie!
I just want to tell you how much we are enjoying our CSA share. It is like Christmas every Friday night.
Thank you so much for everything you all do!
Jodi, Dave and Mei Genest

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