Workshares & Volunteers

Volunteer Opportunities:

summer2008Volunteers are always welcome to come out to lend a hand. The work could not get done without many hands being involved. There is always so much to do and not enough time, so your time and efforts are always much appreciated and you will leave feeling like you got a lot accomplished. We’re always sure to send you away with vegetables to bring home. Be sure to set up a time beforehand so we can be in the right field to meet you when you come out.  Get directions here.

Work Shares (4+ positions available)

Hours: 7am to 2pm Monday, Wednesday, OR Friday, time off on request

Pay: Any size Summer Share Basket per week, plus any add-ons, lunch included on days worked

Requirements: Able to lift 50#, can work physical labor on your feet for 5 hours, able to follow directions and work as part of a team, reasonable attention to detail

Age range: 14 +, teens and seniors welcome

We’re looking for people with an interest in working with the farm crew on harvest days to come in at 7am when we start and then use our on-site kitchen to cook lunch and eat with the crew from Noon till 2pm. We will provide any size share basket and add-ons for you on the day you work, as well as giving you access to the swap table and any extra veggies you want to take home that we can spare! Workshares are an integral part of the farm community and often are an opportunity to transition to paid employment later on as well as to participate in farm life and learn about how to grow and use vegetables in your daily life.

We will accommodate your needs, we recognize that most people have vacations in the summer and emergencies happen, as long as you notify us we are happy to accommodate your schedule. Teens and seniors are welcome!

If you want to work with us, first come first serve, call us and we’ll work out the details.


Jack Rixey
Farm Manager
72 Jaffrey Rd.
Fitzwilliam, NH 03447

Delivery Working Shares — All Positions Filled

Delivery Working Shares consist of delivering baskets from mid May through the beginning of October for 17 weeks. Single shares deliver 12 baskets, Family shares deliver 15 baskets and Large Family shares deliver 18 baskets to homes in their area. This is a weekly commitment for 16 weeks. If you can’t make it one week you will need to find another driver who can take your place or trade your day with you for that week. For complete details please download and read the Delivery Driver Handbook before deciding this is something you want to do. I must receive the information described in the delivery drivers handbook before acceptance for this position.

Download Delivery Working Share Information