Fall Shares

2019 Fall Shares Go On Sale Mid July!

Fall Shares will run from the week of October 14th through the week of December 2nd

We usually take memberships starting in mid July. The number of shares we take depends on how the season is going. Up to 140 shares are available.  Pick-ups will be on Thursdays after 3:30 pm.  Fall Shares will run from October 18th through December 5th. If you miss your pick up day, you risk the chance of your veggies freezing if the temperatures are much below freezing.  You’re welcome to pick up anytime after your harvest day.  No need to let us know.  The sooner you pick up, the fresher your veggies will be.

If you are going away for a week, make someone smile! You can have a friend, neighbor or family member take the basket for you. If you don’t have a friend/family who can pick up your basket, we’ll donate your basket to a family in need through the Fitzwilliam Nursing Association.  Let us know the donation date at farmers@traciesfarm.com at least a few days before your pick up date.

Fall shares must be paid in full by November 1st. For example: half in September and half November 1st.

Small Fall Share=$220

Large Fall Share=$380

Egg Share (one dozen each week)=$35

Every other week Egg Share=$20


Honey (first week)=$7

Maple Syrup (first week)=$16

Check out our anticipated harvest chart for more information on what’s included and scroll down to fall shares.

We will have a Peterborough pick-up for a $20 fee at 4 Laurel St. Baskets will be available
after 5pm in the garage.

We will have a Swanzey pick-up for a $20 fee at 154 Forest Ave, the baskets will be on a table under the deck
(it’s a really high deck) 5-8:30 pm.

We will have a Nelson pick-up for a $20 fee at 221 Murdough Hill Rd., after 5:30 pm and on the kitchen table.

We will have a Keene pick-up for a $20 fee at The Works in Keene (120 Main St, Keene, NH) pick-ups between
4pm-8pm Thursday and from 6am-noon on Friday. Pick-up will be inside The Works.

Every fall share member has 2 baskets.  You bring your first basket back with you when you pick up your 2nd basket, leaving it under the farm store shelf or stairs and continue like that through the season.  If you forget your basket, you end up with a bag of shame the next week.  To help us save time, bags and avoid receiving a bag of shame, please remember your baskets each week!  Thank you!  You’re also welcome to bring your own reusable bag each week to pick up your veggies, and place your basket under the farm store shelf.

Fall shares must be paid in full by Nov. 1st.  For example: Down payment of $50 when you sign up, remaining half in September and balance due by Nov. 1st. 

3 Payment Options:

  • Send a check to:

Tracie’s Community Farm, LLC,

72 Jaffrey Rd.,

Fitzwilliam, NH, 03447.

Include your email address if you want us to send you a confirmation of receipt of payment!    


  • Drop off in the lock box in our farmstore.

Include your email address if you want us to send you a confirmation of receipt of payment!    


  • Click on the Pay Now Button in the sidebar and you can pay directly from your bank account at no charge to you, and even set up payments.  You’ll need to know your balance as it won’t come up when you go to pay.   Please, no payments under $50. You will receive an automatic confirmation of payment.