Summer Shares

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2019 Summer Shares Still Available!

CSA Shares begin the week of June 24th and run for 16 weeks until the week of October 7th.

Just because you miss the first week does not mean you have to miss the entire season!

We will be accepting new CSA members throughout the season at a pro-rated cost.

For more information or to order a share, please email FARMERS@TRACIESFARM.COM


Our summer season will begin mid to late June and continue for 16 weeks until the early October. Each week, we harvest and wash the veggies that are at their peak flavor, and pack them into baskets. A weekly newsletter is sent out via email, explaining what we’re up to on the farm, how to prepare and store your veggies and what you can expect in the next week’s basket. There are also many recipes available here.

As the season progresses, you will receive ample shares of the bounty. You can check out the anticipated harvest dates by clicking on the Harvest Schedule link on the right side of our home page to get a better idea of what the shares typically include.

Prices below include delivery to your door.  We have delivery routes Fitzwilliam, Rindge, Jaffrey, Keene, Swanzey, Marlborough, Nelson, Richmond, Troy, Dublin, Harrisville, and Peterborough. NOW OFFERING DELIVERY TO MASS: Fitchburg, Westminster, Winchendon, and Gardner!

$60 off for those who pick up at the farm. Your choice of Monday, Wednesday or Friday pick up any time after 3:30pm!

Half Share $285 (feeds 1-2)

Small Share $380 (feeds 1-4)

Family Share $560 (feeds 4-6)

Large Family Share – $720 (feeds 5-10 or those who like to freeze and can/preserve)


Additional Options: We don’t include these in basic share to better meet your preferences.

  • Specialty Greens Share (5 oz per week, every week only) A rotating share of specialty greens. We hope to include arugula, lettuce mix, baby kale, and more! — $40
  • Herb Share (1 herb per week, includes bulk bags of basil for pesto) Last year $60 value so don’t worry if you can’t use them all. — $30
  • Baby Lettuce Mix Share (6 oz/wk Aug-Oct when less head lettuce is coming in) — $30
  • Chard Share (12 oz) — $30-Every Week | $15-Every Other Week
  • Kale Share (12 oz) — $30-Every Week | $15-Every Other Week

*We start chard every other share 1st week and kale 2nd so you can rotate them if you prefer.

  • 1/2 Pint Raspberry Shares – for 7 weeks throughout season. — $25 

*Won’t be 7 consecutive weeks. Raspberries are perishable and need to be eaten right away and/or refrigerated.

  • Pint Blueberry Share – for 5 weeks — $25
  • Cut Flower Share – for 10 weeks —  $45
  • Coffee Share from Terra Nova Coffee in Keene
    • 12oz for 16 weeks — $144
    • 12oz every other week for 8 weeks — $72
  • Bread Share from Orchard Hill Breadworks – for 16 weeks — $80 

(Those picking up are welcome to trade out bread they receive for other bread options in farm store)

  • Egg Share from Rosemont Farm now in Jaffrey!
    • dozen for 16 weeks — $60
    • dozen every other week for 8 weeks — $30

The price of the share includes delivery.  If you choose to pick up at the farm, you’ll receive $60 discount off your share.  There is a $20 office fee for changing your delivery location and or pick up day after you sign up for your share.   

If you are going away for a week, make someone smile. You can have a friend, neighbor or family member pick up the basket for you. If you don’t have  someone who can pick up your basket, we’ll donate your basket to a family in need through the Fitzwilliam Nursing Association.  Let us know the donation date at at least a few days before you’re pick up date.

For those picking up:

To ensure the freshness of you share please pick up on your pick-up day between 3:30 – 9:00 p.m.   We have a swap table at the farm so you can swap veggies you don’t want for those you do want.  Always be sure you’re taking the basket with your name on it.  Your basket will be in about the same place each week, but you want to be sure you’re not taking the wrong one as that person won’t have a basket to pick up when they come!  If you can’t pick up your share that day, it will be on the back table in the barn.  No need to let us know you won’t be able to pick it up on time if you do plan to pick up.  The sooner you pick up the fresher your share will be.  Please don’t leave your share for more than 5 days. 

Every share member has 2 baskets.  You bring your previous basket back with you when you pick up your next basket, leaving it in the farm store pile explained below and continue like that through the season.  If you forget your basket, you end up with a bag of shame the next week.  To help us save time, bags and avoid receiving a bag of shame, please remember your baskets each week!  Thank you!  You’re also welcome to bring your own reusable bag each week to pick up your veggies. When returning baskets please leave them on the table in the same spot you picked up the current weeks CSA share.

For those getting their basket delivered:

Every delivered share has 3 baskets, one that’s at your house that week, one at the farm for the following week and another in the drivers car waiting to come back.  Please leave your empty basket in the place where you basket is left (out of the rain) so that you’re driver can pick up the following week.  If you don’t, you end up with a bag of shame two weeks later.  To help us save time, bags and avoid receiving a bag of shame, please remember to leave your basket out!

Each season is different depending on the weather, but we keep the cost of the share reasonable to take into account the worst scenario so you get your value regardless of the season. We plant more than what we need for the shares, as a back up in case the season isn’t as abundant so we can have enough food for the shares. In a good season we sell the abundance to restaurants and through the farm store to cover the cost of production and harvest, and to make up for the lean years.

You don’t need to pay for the entire share up front. You can make payments if that is more comfortable for you. Payment in full is due by August 1st.  For example, divide by 4 and pay once in January, March, May and July. Or divide by 2 and pay half in January and half in July.  Reducing the total number payments is ideal in reducing book keeping/checks/stamps/time on both ends.  Please save the invoice that’s emailed to you when you purchase your share so you can refer to it throughout the season in figuring out what you out, what you ordered and pick up details.

There is a late fee of $20 for those who join after May 1st.  This fee is to help encourage members to sign up early so we can get the bulk of the office work out of the way before our busy season begins.  We start seeding for summer shares in early February.

3 Payment Options:

  • Send a check to:

Tracie’s Community Farm, LLC,

72 Jaffrey Rd.,

Fitzwilliam, NH, 03447.

Include your email address if you want us to send you a confirmation of receipt of payment!    


  • Drop off in the lock box in our farmstore.

Include your email address if you want us to send you a confirmation of receipt of payment!    


PLEASE NOTE: Online payments will incur a 5% service fee.

Share Care Fund

We created a share care fund to supplement the cost of shares to families in need. In 2017, members donated $1,514 to supplement the shares of seven families! If you need share care fund assistance for your share, please email There is money to help supplement the cost of your share.

Gift Certificates

You may purchase gift certificates for freshly harvested local vegetables and goods for use anytime throughout the year. The idea is to keep our holiday shopping dollars in the community which will help to keep open spaces open by keeping farmers in business. It also gives us the opportunity to share the wealth of healthy safe chemical free food we have growing right here in our community with friends and family who may or may not realize the quality and freshness that they are missing out on.

The gift certificates can be purchased in any amount by emailing or calling our Farm Manager, Jack Rixey at 443-994-4629. We can send you or the recipient a gift certificate in the amount purchased with the to and from filled out for you, printed out on decorative paper along with a brochure for next season. The gift certificate can be used towards CSA Shares, vegetables, fruit and other local goods in the farm store or transplants at the farm stand.