Summer Share Pricing Info




All CSA shares receive the same produce each week, but are scaled depending on size. The large family share receives 3x the volume of the small share, the family share receives 2x the volume of the small share, and the half share receives 1/2x the volume of the small share. For example, in mid-summer when we are passing out the maximum amount of tomatoes to all share members, the large family share receives 9lbs of tomatoes, the family share receives 6lbs of tomatoes, the small share receive 3lbs of tomatoes, and the half share receives 1.5lbs of tomatoes.

Large Family Share (Canning Share) – $680

The large family share is the largest CSA share we offer during the summer season. It is large enough to feed a household of 7-9 people through the week, or can be used as a “canning share,” due to its large volume of vegetables. Prepare for a serious bounty with the large family share!

Family Share – $515

The family share is our second largest share size. It is large enough to feed a household of 5-7 people through the week, or can be used as a canning share for a smaller household. It is also a great size for members that want to split a share with a friend or family member.

Small Family Share (Our most popular share size!) – $330

The small family share is perfect for a family of 2-4 that cook dinner at home on a regular basis. It is the most popular share size we offer, and the size that many of the farmers take home each week. For smaller households that are looking to split a share with a friend, the small share is the size for you!

Half Share – $230

The half share is a popular option among households that only have 1-2 people in them, and cook on a semi regular basis. For members that are concerned about wasting food (you are also always welcome to bring any produce waste to our compost pile!), the half share was created for just that purpose!


Add-ons are a way to customize your share to your weekly needs. We offer 10 add-ons on a weekly or semi-weekly basis, as well as the option to add honey or maple syrup to your basket during the first week of the season.

Kale – Weekly $37.50 or Bi-Weekly* $20

We offer our kale share to members that just cannot get enough of that bittery green goodness! We are growing four different varieties of kale this year, so members can expect to receive bunches of green curly kale, dark flat kale, red curly kale, and red Russian kale, or a bouquet of all four! Kale shares are offered on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. If bi-weekly is selected, members will receive a bunch of kale on the odd weeks of the season.

*Combine with the bi-weekly chard share to receive a rotation of kale and chard every week of the season!

Rainbow Chard – Weekly $37.50 or Bi-Weekly* $17.50

Who doesn’t love a little color in their greens! Rainbow chard is a great source of iron and other minerals, while feeling like you are eating gems. Beautiful color, highly nutritious, and a great taste!

*Combine with the bi-weekly kale share to receive a rotation of chard and kale every week of the season!

Herbs – $45

The herb share receives fresh culinary herbs during the entire season. The bulk of the herb rotation is basil, cilantro, and parsley, with others like thyme, sage, oregano, and mint mixed in sporadically. Perhaps the biggest draw to the herb share is the bulk basil that members receive. At certain points during the season we need to cut back some of our basil plantings, and herb share members receive approximately a pound of basil to use for making pesto during that week. Bulk basil is guaranteed once, and typically goes out twice!

Specialty Greens – $45

The specialty greens share is a rotation of delicious, non-lettuce greens. It often includes arugula, mustard greens, pea shoots, baby kale, and much more! The specialty greens share is perfect for members that like to add a little bit of extra flavor to their salads!

Lettuce Mix (10 Weeks)- $40

The lettuce mix share is perfect for members that want to eat salad all season long! We start our lettuce mix shares when it starts to get too hot to grow head lettuce. Typically shares start around weeks 4 or 5, and continue for 10 weeks after that.

Blueberries (5 pints) – $25

The blueberry share receives 5 pints of blueberries over the course of the season. We pick our blueberries from an 800 bush, spray-free field in Richmond, NH that we maintain. They are large, delicious, and full of antioxidants! Please note: blueberry shares are based off pints not weeks. They may not be consecutive weeks, and some weeks you may receive more than one of your five pints.

Flowers (10 weeks) -$50

The flower share receives 10 fresh-picked and hand-made bouquets over the course of 10 weeks throughout the season. Typically flower shares start around week 4 or 5, or once our flowers start to bloom on the farm.

Elephant Rock Eggs – Weekly $75 or Bi-Weekly $40

The egg share eggs come from the same property that your veggies are grown! Elephant Rock Farm (our new partner farm) collects the eggs from the happy hens right next door! Elephant Rock and Tracie’s merged last year making them one in the same, the only difference being Elephant Rock focuses on livestock and poultry, while Tracie’s is the veggie producer.

Elephant Rock Maple Syrup (First Week Only) – $22

Members can sign up to receive one quart of maple syrup from Elephant Rock Farm in their first share basket of the season. Elephant Rock has been collecting maple syrup from the trees behind Tracie’s for years now, so we are excited that we get to offer this add-on together!

The New Hampshire Honey Bee Honey (First Week Only) – $8

Members can sign up to receive a 1lb jar of honey from The New Hampshire Honey Bee in Gilsum, NH in their first share basket of the season. The NHHB keeps hives on our property during the summer to help us pollinate our fields, so some of the honey comes right from the veggies you receive in your basket!

Orchard Hill Bread – $75

The bread share receives the weekly specialty loaf baked by Orchard Hill Breadworks in Alstead, NH every week of the season! Loafs include honey multi-grain, roasted potato, maple oat, cinnamon raisin, cornmeal pumpkin, and many other delicious varieties! We also order bread for our farm store, so if there is ever a loaf you do not love, you are more than welcome to swap it out at no extra charge! Bread share members also receive a $1 discount on all loaves as compared to our store prices.

Terra Nova Coffee – Weekly $135 or Bi-Weekly $82

The coffee share receives a 12oz bag of coffee from Terra Nova Organic Coffee Roasters in Keene, NH added to their share basket either on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. The origin of the coffee changes each week, so you get to try all new flavors and find one you love! Much like the bread share, we keep our farm store stocked with Terra Nova coffee, so if you ever want to swap out your bag for a flavor you are particularly fond of, you are more than welcome at no additional charge. Coffee share members also receive a $1 discount on all bags of coffee as compared to our farm store prices.

Share Care Fund

Our share care fund is an account that members are able to buy into to help offset the cost of shares for other CSA members if they so need. Often times our share care fund is utilized if a member faces unforeseen expenses after signing up for a share. Those expenses can be caused by a layoff, loss of family member, or general hardship.

We also participate in many programs that reduce the price of CSA shares for people that want to be able to eat high quality, local, and pesticide free vegetables, but are not able to afford it. The share care fund helps our farm offer more shares through these programs by filling the gap between what people are able to afford, and the share that fits their needs.

The share care fund has been around since Tracie started the farm, and we have always had great support from our community. If you wish to make a donation, please add as many share care fund add-ons as you like until you reach your desired contribution. The fund is in intervals of $5, so 7 share care add-ons equals a $35 contribution.