Farmers Helping Farmers

Farmers Helping Farmers

Tracie’s Community Farm partners, as a crew, with other CSA’s in the local area to discuss challenges facing us, opportunities for cooperation, and to get to know each other while spending an afternoon once a month working on somebody else’s farm. This not only builds community but acts as an educational opportunity for us to talk to other people in our line of work and see how they approach problems. We’re lucky to partner with the following CSA farms:

Stonewall Farm: Based in Keene, Stonewall Farm has a long history of acting as an agricultural education facility, hosting programs, talks, lectures, and other events for the farming community in Cheshire County and beyond.

Abenaki Springs Farm: Based in Walpole, Abenaki Springs provides local meat and vegetables to the county’s farmer’s markets, restaurants, and CSA share members.

Sun Moon Farm: Based in Rindge and founded as a Quaker school, they focus on growing the most diverse collection of Dahlia varieties in North America, delivering their vegetable shares as far as Boston.

Hillside Springs Farm: Based in Westmoreland, Hillside Springs grows a variety of vegetables and is run entirely off of horsepower from their three draft horses.

Hungry Bear Farm: Based in Mason, Hungry Bear Farm produces a very wide variety of vegetables, herbs, and even mushrooms for their customers.

Once a month, the crews of each farm gather to work on a big project together such as cleaning onions or weeding the most weed choked beds on each other’s farms while discussing the agricultural affairs of the county. If you own or manage a CSA farm and want to get involved, contact Tracie’s Farm and we can get you involved!