Our Crew

Meet The Farmers:

Jack Rixey is passionate about farming and considers it both his hobby and his profession. He is originally from Maryland, but has lived in New England since 2010, and now considers it home. Tracie’s is where Jack learned to farm, and her is excited to continue working the land he knows well into the future!


Will Kindler is entering his fourth year at Tracie’s after more than a decade working at other local farms. After spending time in the Fitzwilliam area in 2017, he fell in love and decided to stay! Will is most interested in the diversity of items offered by Tracie’s, as well as enjoying the team spirit of the crew. In his spare time, he is a professional musician and amateur historian.


Sarah Tarr

Sarah moved to the farm from Manchester in 2018, and immediately fell in love with the natural landscape. For her, living on the farm has been a (literal) breath of fresh air. Sarah is entranced by the flowers on the farm, both wild and cultivated, and feels she has found a home at Tracie’s.


Nolan Buonomano

Nolan was raised in Fitzwilliam and feels a strong connection to the town. Nolan takes a sense of pride in knowing the food and community he cultivates at Tracie’s is also benefiting the town he calls home.