February 27th, 2013

This past week has been super busy.  James and I got the greenhouse up an running.  We set up the benches and heating mats in the smaller seeding greenhouse last Friday.    I sterilized the surfaces, and we brought in all of our seed starting supplies including one of our more important technological advances, a radio!  We spend a lot of time in the greenhouse this time of year.  We had our heater worked on and Ideal Compost potting soil delivered.


Between Monday and Tuesday, we started onions, leeks, scallions, parsley, celery, celeriac and lots of flowers and perennials for our cut flowers and for transplants for sale at our farm stand.  We started lettuce and bac choi for spring shares, which we’ll be transplanting into the ground in the greenhouses.


Tuesday we hoed the spinach greenhouse, chard, weeded lettuce and bac choi and watered the middle greenhouse.  The spinach will be perfect for harvesting in a couple weeks for Spring Shares!


Today I caught up on a lot of office work, planning, ordering supplies, and emails. I heard back from a really fun danceable band, The Van Burens, that they can play our Annual Spring/May Day Celebration Sat May 4th 6 p.m. on to celebrate our 15th year farming!  Check them out, http://www.vanburenmusic.com/they’re amazing and we’re lucky to have them coming to Fitzwilliam!  We’ll be starting with a potluck, have a fire, a May Pole Dance and great music!  You’re all invited and your family and friends are welcome too!


I sent a lot of changes to our website to make it more user friendly (I hope!) to Liz Sumner who manages our website.  Tomorrow I’m off to talk at a Farming Conference.  Friday we’ll be in the greenhouse again.


Alex, one of our full timers came out with his girlfriend Allegra on Friday and tapped about 60 maple trees.  Seeing the sap buckets makes it feel more New Englandy at the farm.

242 members have signed up for summer shares (about 65% sold out).  If you’ve already placed an order you can sign in anytime using your name and email to view what you ordered.  Feb 28th is the last day you can sign in and make changes to your share.  Starting March 1st, there is a $20 late fee for shares ordered so order your share by Thursday February 28th to avoid this fee and at the same time you’ll qualify to be a winner of for one of three gifts below!

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