April 3, 2013

This week, we seeded cabbage, our second round of broccoli, many types of flowers, and basil. We filled up our heated house while transplanting greenhouse tomatoes, and transplanted broccoli, and kale filling up all the benches in our cool greenhouse.  We moved another 96’x4′ row of benches into that greenhouse, sterilized them, set up hoses, and moved over more cold hardy plants to make more room in our heated house.

Monday we pruned blueberries and will be going back next week to do the last round of pruning.  We planted the rest of our greenhouse lettuce and have 6 packs of black seeded simpson and red sails lettuce left over for sale for $3 each or $22 for a tray (8, 6packs) to be planted in cold frames or your greenhouse.  If you’d like some email or call me and let me know which day and approximate time you’d like to pick up and I’ll put them in the barn for you.  You can leave payment in the farm store lock box.

This week we’ll continue to transplant in the greenhouse and get some outdoor work done on the warm days.  The snow is almost gone!

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