March 27, 2013

This week, we seeded outdoor tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant that get covered, and our first round of field lettuce for the summer.  We moved a 96’x4′ row of benches into our unheated greenhouse, sterilized them, set up hoses, and a back up heater to keep above freezing and have almost filled them with cold hardy plants from our heated house.

We topped our onions, leeks and scallions and side dressed them with compost and natural fertilizers along with some flowers.  We filled up our heated house while transplanting parsley, and a lot of flowers for the farmstand and our cut flower beds.  Today we’ll be transplanting our greenhouse tomatoes.

This weekend Dave and I picked up our new harrow.  We’re selling the two older ones that weren’t doing the job.  Dave cut down a couple more trees on the south side of one of the fields so we can get more light into the field and James will be cleaning that up today.

Today we’ll be transplanting more bok choy and lettuce in the ground in the greenhouse for Spring Share greens and fish fertilizing them in.

I’ve been working with Liz Sumner, our website designer, and it is now fully updated to it’s new format that I’ll be able to edit myself in the future.  I love how it came out.  Liz has a great eye for designing.  Thank you!

If anyone has any good suggestions for a primary health care provider who cares about the health of their patients, sees how all the systems interact, is a good troubleshooter and is preferably an MD and ND who is taking patients, let me know!  Thank you!

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