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Week 8 of Spring Shares 5/4!

Happy May, Everyone!

We are still waiting for it to dry out enough to get in to the fields, but the farmers have kept busy, regardless. We are being extra thorough with our rock picking, seeding and transplanting in the greenhouse regularly, weeding and mulching perennial beds, and too many other tasks to mention. Now that May has arrived and we still haven’t started transplanting, we’re beginning to get a little antsy. It’ll mean a big push as soon as we enter the fields, but luckily we have a great crew to get it done!

Shares this week ought to be well sized. Baby Kale is back in shares. Did anyone try it on sandwiches? Cilantro is making its first appearance! It will be in shares for two weeks. Check below for a radish salsa with cilantro. It’s my favorite spring recipe! Chard is back in shares. They will probably be smaller bunches this week. The heat is starting to get to some of the plants. Lettuce Mix ought to be a mainstay. Radishes are back in shares. Once again, check the recipe! Scallions are looking great in our field and getting bigger each week. Spinach is starting to slow down a bit, but we should still get some out of the beds for a couple of weeks. Tokyo Bekana is back in shares. I suspect this will be its last week, but we will see how they look after harvesting.

We are offering a “bagged” option for our shares again this year. If you would feel more comfortable receiving your share in bags, please respond to this email letting me know, and I will put you on our bagged list.

Items with a “?” next to them indicate either a crop that we are on the fence about handing out, or that will not make it into all baskets. When we only pass out to some shares, we make a note of where we left off and start in that location the following week.

Pick up will be on Tuesday, May 4th any time after 3:30pm in the barn.

What To Expect Week 8:
Baby Kale
Lettuce Mix
Tokyo Bekana

Egg Share: 12 Week Shares Only

Anticipated Harvest Week 9:
Baby Kale
Lettuce Mix
Tokyo Bekana


2021 Summer CSA Shares

Half Shares are SOLD OUT! 75% of Shares Sold

The focal point of our CSA, our 2021 summer season will run for 16 weeks from the week of June 15th to the final week in September. We are increasing the capacity for summer shares this year, however we urge members to sign up early. Shares were sold out by the beginning of April last year, and we are anticipating a similar demand for shares this year.

Pickup on the farm Tuesday or Wednesday after 3:30pm.

Farm-to-door delivery available in the towns of: Dublin, Fitzwilliam, Harrisville, Jaffrey, Keene, Marlborough, Nelson, Peterborough, Rindge Swanzey, and Winchendon, MA.

For Returning Members:
We are implementing a few changes to our summer share this year (as we always do), but the most noticeable to returning members is our share pickup days. In order to reclaim a maintenance day to focus on produce quality for our members, we are only offering share pickup or delivery on Tuesday or Wednesday this year. We are hoping that with an extra day to work in the fields during the week, we will be able to increase yield, quality, and variety in each share.

Click Here To Sign Up For Summer Shares!

Join Our Team!

We are looking to add some hardworking, enthusiastic, self-motivated team players to join our crew this year! Come work out in the sun and learn about how a small scale vegetable farm functions!

For more information and to submit an application, please email or call:

Nolan Buonomano
Farmer and Hiring Manager


Full Time Crew Member (4 position available)
Hours: Monday thru Friday, ~45hrs per week.
Pay: $11/hr starting, annual raises, lunch included M-F, 1 day of paid time off, limited rudimentary lodging available
Requirements: Able to lift 50#, can work physical labor on your feet for 10 hours, willing to take the lead in the field, serious interest in farming, able to follow directions and work as part of a team, close attention to detail, and willingness to learn
Age Range: 16+

We are looking to fill four full time positions on our team for the 2021 season. Applicants with experience get priority. Additionally, applicants with long term interest/availability will get priority. The full time position is hard work and time consuming, but rewarding overall. Full timers will harvest, pack, and wash produce on harvest days (Tu., W), and weed, hoe, trellis, transplant, haul, and more on maintenance days (M, Th, F). Full timers are relied upon to be leaders in the field, and will be asked to lead workshares and volunteers during harvest days, as well as be able to work efficiently while alone.

Crew members are flexibly broken up into either field crew or barn crew. Field crew still helps in the barn and barn crew still helps in the field, but the distinctions are made to prioritize allocation of labor and personal preference. Members will be assigned to either field or barn after working a few weeks on the farm.

All full time applicants will be asked to come in for a working interview. Working interviews are for the full work day. Lunch is provided, and $50 will be paid for the day worked.


Workshares Wanted!

Don’t have time to commit to full or part time employment, but still wanna learn a few things about a local farm? Try being a workshare!

Workshares are considered a part of the crew while they are on the farm, and receive a CSA share in return for their service. We love the practice because it connects us to our community, and our community to us. In addition to a share basket, workshares also get hands on experience working on the farm, and can deepen their relationship to the food they consume.

This year, we will be compensating workshares with any size share they would like, as well as any of our add-ons, including eggs, bread, maple syrup, and honey. In exchange for the share, workshares will work on the farm one day a week, from 7am-3pm. Workshares will work in the field or barn from 7-11:30, and then will make lunch for the crew in our outdoor kitchen. The crew eats lunch at 1pm, so workshares will also eat lunch with us, followed by cleanup. If there is anyone interested in being a workshare, but not confident making lunch for the crew, we are happy to make other arrangements.

We are excited about the possibility of having more workshares on the farm, and if you or anyone you know are interested, please contact Nolan at employment@traciesfarm.com


Delivery Drivers Needed!

We have been fortunate to always have interest in the delivery driver position, and we will be offering the same exchange to delivery drivers as we are to workshares (see above). Delivery drivers will be expected to deliver up to 16 shares on either Tuesday or Wednesday. Pickup is in our barn after 3:30pm, and all shares should be delivered at the latest by 7:00pm. We are currently looking for delivery drivers for the following routes:
Swanzey: Tuesday
Keene: Tuesday

For more information or to request a route, please email Jack at farmers@traciesfarm.com


2021 Fall CSA Shares

The farmer’s favorite share! Our fall share is full of storage veggies to last you through the winter. Winter squash, sweet potatoes, onions, carrots, and more, the fall share is the culmination of a long growing season.

Shares will run for 8 weeks from the first week of October until the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.

Pickup on the farm Tuesdays after 3:30pm.

Pickup locations available in: Keene, Swanzey, Peterborough, and Harrisville.

Click Here To Sign Up For Fall Shares!

Weekly Recipe

Radish Salsa!

A farm favorite recipe!


2 C radishes, finely chopped*
3/4 C jalapeños, seeded and small-diced
6 green onions, finely chopped
2 garlic cloves, minced
2 Tbsp cilantro, finely chopped
2 Tbsp lemon juice, freshly squeezed
1/4 tsp salt


Prepare the salsa ingredients and place them in a medium-sized bowl. Mix until evenly combined.
Store in the refrigerator until you are ready to serve.
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