Summer Shares Week 4 2020! Livestock Assistant Position Open, Opt Out Of Plastic Bags

Tomatoes of all different shapes, sizes, and colors from the field! Summer, 2019

Week 4 of Summer Shares!

Welcome to Week 4! Rain and sun is making all of our plants super happy and healthy! The drought put us back a little in terms of harvest, but new produce varieties will keep coming in each week. The most affected are summer squash and zucchini. We just weren’t able to plant them in the field because of lack of rain, and fear that they would cook in the field without water. As soon as we got enough moisture to get them in the ground, we did, and they should start producing in the next couple of weeks or so.

We are giving our members the choice to opt out of plastic bags in their share whenever possible. We cannot leave all veggies unbagged, like loose greens or peas, but we will do our best to minimize our plastic use in the baskets that opt out. If you would like to opt out of bags, please email

This week you will receive Peas for the first time. Looking at the beds earlier today, it seems like we will have plenty to stock up our members with. They are snap peas, so you can eat them with the pod on! Cucumbers are starting to size up on plants, and they will begin their way around baskets this week. By next week we expect to have cucumbers for everyone. Escarole will be a new green in your baskets this week! If you’re unsure how to use escarole, this link is a great resource for a recipe and ideas Escarole Recipe Bok Choy will be back in baskets for the last time until fall. Some of the outer leaves have damage on them, which is too bad, but the stalks are still plenty usable! Broccoli will be making its way around shares starting this week. We typically do not harvest enough each day to pass out to all members at once, but it will snake its way around the tables over the next few weeks. Head Lettuce will be back in shares. Kale will be in shares one last time to even out the kale/chard rotation. After this week kale and chard will only go to add-on members. Kale share members will receive the specialty green this week.

The Specialty Greens share this week will be receiving Baby Kale and the Herb Share will receive Dill. Baby kale and dill will also be available in the farm store.

Radishes will be done until later in the summer. We have had some real poor luck with our radishes so far. My leading theory is the drought caused a little too much stress in the plants early on. Most of them have long tap roots and no bulb, as if they were searching for water. I was hoping the rain came at a good enough time for the latest seeding, but they also have the same condition. We will definitely have more coming once the weather cools a little.

This weeks shares will go out: Monday 7/13, Wednesday 7/15, Friday 7/17
Pick up is in the barn anytime after 3:30pm

Some veggies may come with limited pest damage. We are committed to operating as a 100% Spray and Pesticide Free farm, and one of the results of that is occasional pest problems. Typically the extent of the damage is small holes nibbled by insects, and we will never pass out vegetables that have lost their nutritional integrity due to pest damage. We hope you will understand!

A ? signifies a crop that we pass out over a couple of weeks. This could be because it is just starting to come in and is not yet producing enough to pass out to everyone in the same week, or because the crop produces smaller amounts over an extended period of time (like in the case with broccoli). We make sure that everyone receives an equal share, even if it is passed out over a few weeks. If we do not pass out a crop to every basket on a share day, we make note where we left off and resume in that spot the following week.

What to Expect Week 4:
Bok Choy
Head Lettuce

Chard Share: 15 Week Share + 7 Week Share
Kale Share: 15 Week Share Only
Herb Share: Dill
Speciality Greens: Baby Kale
Flower Share
Egg Share: 15 Week Share Only
Coffee Share: 15 Week Share Only
Bread Share:
Monday: Cinnamon Raisin
Wednesday and Friday: Onion Pepper Parmesan

Anticipated Basket Week 5 (Subject to Change):
Cherry Tomatoes?
Lettuce Heads

Chard Share: 15 Week Share
Kale Share: 15 Week Share + 8 Week Share
Herb Share: Cilantro
Speciality Greens: Arugula
Lettuce Mix Share
Flower Share
Blueberry Share
Egg Share: 15 Week Share + 8 Week Share
Coffee Share: 15 Week Share + 8 Week Share


Go Bagless!

We decided to use plastic bags for all veggies due to COVID, but as pointed out by some of our members, not everyone is interested in bringing so much plastic home each week. If you are interested in opting out of plastic bags, please email


Livestock Assistant Position Available at Elephant Rock Farm (Our Sister Farm)!

This position will be around 20 hours per week with opportunities for more hours on an as needed basis(Now-September). This position is mainly a summertime job with the opportunity for a small amount of hours in the fall, winter and spring. The farm is currently producing many products for the farm store, including Eggs, Maple Syrup, Beef, Pork, Cordwood, Fruit trees, and poultry products.

An ideal candidate would be some who
• Can lift over 50 pounds regularly
• Can spend long days in the summer sun
• Is comfortable around all livestock including horned cattle
• Is able to complete projects independently
• Is reliable and with own source of transportation
• Basic farm knowledge a plus
• Experience with livestock a plus
• Basic equipment operating skills also a plus

The duties of this farmhand will consist of:
• Caring and cleanliness of all the animals. Pigs, chickens, cows, goats ect.
• Cleaning and packaging eggs daily
• Weed whacking and brush cutting a lot
• Assisting with fence, barn, and structure building
• Splitting wood a lot
• Assisting in making new field and apple orchards!

Hours can be flexible but would regularly be 8:00am- 4:00pm
Somedays will be only caring of the animals which only takes about an hour and half each end of the day.

Please email your resume with a little information about yourself and your experience with farming to:

Dan Scanlan
Elephant Rock Farm


Farm Store Now Stocked Daily!

Monday 7:30am-6:00pm
Wednesday 7:30am-6:00pm
Friday 7:30am-6:00pm

We have decided to implement this schedule to protect our CSA members from transmission of COVID-19. Outside of these hours masks and gloves are not required, but they are encouraged.

With the beginning of summer shares, we will now be stocking the store daily for all of your fresh veggie needs!

The farm store operates on the honor system, which means cash or check only. Returning shoppers will notice a few changes in the farm store. We put up a dividing wall between the CSA tables and the store, and made a produce shelf for non refrigerated items. The cash box has moved locations to the banister along the stairs to the right of the fridge.


Regarding Pickups In The Barn

Pickup will operate as normal in our barn, save for a few exceptions due to COVID-19. With increased traffic during share days, as well as open produce being washed and packed in our barn,

Monday 7:30am-6:00pm
Wednesday 7:30am-6:00pm
Friday 7:30am-6:00pm

We have made this decision to reduce any possibility of transmission in our barn. Masks and gloves will be provided to store visitors during these hours. Outside of those hours we still encourage the use of masks and gloves available, but it is not required.

For CSA members looking to avoid a crowd in the barn, we recommend picking up your share after 5:00pm. At that point the bulk of the crew will be sent home, delivery baskets and drivers will be cleared out of the barn, and the initial rush for pickups will have slowed.

Every share day until 4:30 we will have a staff member in the barn that can assist members get their basket that do not want to enter the barn. The farmers will be wearing appropriate PPE the entire time they are in the barn on share days, and will be happy to bring your basket out of the barn for you.


Recipes and Nutrition from Emily Alexander Nutrition, LLC

Hi Summer CSA Share Members! My name is Emily Alexander and I am a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner based in Keene, NH. As a practitioner, I help to support my clients and their bodies in achieving wellness, nutrition, and overall health through whole foods and individualized nutritional support! I am passionate in helping individuals create healthy habits and part of that is helping people learn to create the most nutrient dense meals that they can. I currently am accepting clients virtually, and would love to help you reach your nutrition and health goals.
In your box this week you will find fresh peas! Crunchy and refreshing they can be enjoyed both raw or cooked in recipes or as a side dish. Snap peas are an excellent source of vitamin-C, and Folic Acid (an important B vitamin) which are both important nutrients to keep your body functioning! My favorite way to enjoy snap peas is raw as a snack and dipped in hummus, but they are also delicious baked or sauteed in stirfrys.

Roasted Sugar Snap Peas

Fresh snap peas, rinsed

1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil

1-2 tablespoon of minced garlic

1 tablespoon fresh lemon

Sea salt and pepper


Preheat oven to 400F

Spread snap peas evenly on a greased baking sheet and toss with olive oil, garlic, lemon, salt, and pepper

Bake until tender and slightly charred, about 8-10 minutes

Allow to cool and enjoy!

I hope you enjoy this recipe, and keep your eyes open for a new recipe each week. If you are interested in learning new recipes follow me on instagram @emilyalexandernutritionllc! Interested in more individualized support around your nutrition? Contact me at or

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