Weekly Newsletter 6/10/20: Store Stil Stocked On Thursdays! Summer Shares Start Week of 6/22!


Update Regarding COVID-19

We are tracking the COVID-19 pandemic closely, and taking extreme precautions to make sure our produce gets from our field to your home safely. As food handlers, we hold high standards for the sanitary handling of our produce. In response to this particular virus, we are taking extra steps to do our part in preventing the spread of germs. Some of the steps we are taking are:

All veggies are triple washed and tied off in bags.
As soon as the veggies hit the sink, they are only handled by farmers with mask and gloves on.
Baskets are being spaced out as much as possible in our barn.
The barn door is left open during the day and into the night so that members do not have to touch the same handle.
Gloves have been placed at the front of our farm store for patrons to use. We ask that all patrons use the gloves provided or their own when shopping in the store.
All produce in the store is packaged in twist tied plastic bags.
We have Paypal to accept payments at our farm store without the use of cash or checks. Instructions are in the barn. You must have the Paypal app already downloaded on your smartphone or tablet. Cash and check still accepted.
The state is providing masks for businesses to offer to their customers. We will be picking up our masks next Wednesday, 5/13, after which they will be available to customers in our barn.

These are some of the steps we are taking to keep our members and store shoppers safe, but we cannot do it alone. We ask that all patrons of our farm think safety and uphold sanitary practices when visiting our farm. If you are feeling sick, please stay home! We are happy to arrange drop offs for CSA members or store patrons if they are worried about potentially spreading the virus. If this applies to you, please email farmers@traciesfarm.com, and we can try to work out a delivery situation.

Lettuce Mix Thriving in our Greenhouse. Spring, 2019

Thank You Spring Greens CSA Members!

Thank you to all of our members for a wonderful spring together! We were extremely pleased with how the shares came out, and will have harvest totals out for members in the coming weeks. If you have any feedback or suggestions for improvement, please send me an email at farmers@traciesfarm.com!

Tomatoes of all different shapes, sizes, and colors from the field! Summer, 2019

2020 Summer Shares Start Week of 6/22

Summer Shares start in just over a week! Members can expect to receive an email shortly with instructions on pickup and delivery as well as basket numbers for the coming season.

There’s a part of me that finds it comical that one of the busiest parts of the season in the field coincides with the busiest time in the office. At the moment I’m splitting time trying to get delivery routes and pickup days sorted out, while rushing to get everything in the ground, as well as maintaining the crops that are already in the ground.

Today we pulled the row cover back from the kale, chard, and broccoli, and it is looking beautiful in the field! Our first round of beets and carrots have begun showing their true leaves in the ground, and the second rounds are starting to pop up out of the ground. The past couple of evenings I have spent hoeing between the rows. It doesn’t keep the weeds away completely, but it makes hand weeding a lot faster!

The crew got the bulk of our flowers planted in the last week, as well as peppers and tomatoes in the ground. We still have to clear out our greenhouses and plant in them, which we plan on doing tomorrow.


Farm Store Fully Stocked Every Thursday After 3:30pm

We will continue to harvest on Thursdays for the store until summer shares start, after which we will switch to stocking it on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. For this week we plan on having in the store:

Lettuce Mix
Snap Peas
Rainbow Chard
As well as our usual assortment of off farm specialties!

The farm store operates on the honor system, which means cash or check only. Returning shoppers will notice a few changes in the farm store. We put up a dividing wall between the CSA tables and the store, and made a produce shelf for non refrigerated items. The cash box has moved locations to the banister along the stairs to the right of the fridge.


Stand is Staying Stocked!

The stand still has some variety to it! We have been slow to restock this week, but tomorrow afternoon we plan on putting out a fresh round of broccoli, basil, lettuce, and plenty of flowers, as well as restocking our usual varieties!


Join Our Crew!

We are looking to hire one full time farmer for the rest of the season (and hopefully beyond!). We are replacing a long time crew member, so applicants with experience will be given priority. Starting pay is $10/hr for 60 days, and $11/hr for the remainder of the season, with raises offered to farmers that return the following year. Long term interest/availability is a bonus. Rudimentary lodging is available in the attic of the barn, lunch is provided M-F, and crew members have access to the outdoor kitchen. More information at link below:

Employment Opportunities


One of our workshares washing beets. Summer, 2019

Workshares And Delivery Drivers

Workshares and drivers should have received an email recently regarding steps for the first week of shares. If you have not received an email, please email me at farmers@traciesfarm.com

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