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Spring and Summer CSA shares for 2020 are now available through the link below, or on our website!

Workshares Wanted!!

One of the things that the farmers at Tracie’s want to prioritize this summer is bringing in more workshares. Back when Tracie was running the farm she used to have a large crew of workshares, connecting people from across the community to the farm. Workshare numbers have dwindled over the past couple of years, and this is the year we would like to reverse that trend. Workshares are considered a part of the crew while they are on the farm, and receive a CSA share in return for their service. We love the practice because it connects us to our community, and our community to us. In addition to a share basket, workshares also get hands on experience working on the farm, and can deepen their relationship to the food they consume.

This year, we will be compensating workshares with any size share they would like, as well as any of our add-ons, including eggs, bread, maple syrup, and honey. In exchange for the share, workshares will work on the farm one day a week, from 7am-2pm on either Monday, Wednesday or Friday. Workshares will work in the field or barn from 7-11:30, and then will make lunch for the crew in our outdoor kitchen. The crew eats lunch at 1pm, so workshares will also eat lunch with us, followed by cleanup. If there is anyone interested in being a workshare, but not confident making lunch for the crew, we are happy to make other arrangements.

We are excited about the possibility of having more workshares on the farm, and if you or anyone you know are interested, please contact Jack at farmers@traciesfarm.com


Acorn Squash Storage Feedback

We received word, and noticed it ourselves, that the last round of acorn squash we passed out to fall shares in 2019 did not store at all for some members. If this happened to any of your squash, please accept our apologies. Unfortunately it was an issue with storage that did not present itself until the squash was out of our barn and in people’s homes. My suspicion is that the squash were slightly cold damaged at one point in storage (we run a heater to keep at correct temp, but not all areas of the barn are heated equally), and the damage did not show itself until the squash was moved to a warm home. I apologize for the acorn, and I hope the rest of the squash and veggies stored well for you. If you have any questions or concerns please email me at farmers@traciesfarm.com


Delivery Drivers Needed!

We have been fortunate to always have interest in the delivery driver position, and we will be offering the same exchange to delivery drivers as we are to workshares (see above). Delivery drivers will be expected to deliver up to 16 shares on either Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. Pickup is in our barn after 3:30pm, and all shares should be delivered at the latest by 7:00pm. Currently we are looking for delivery drivers for the following routes:

Keene: Monday
Peterborough: Monday or Friday
Swanzey: Wednesday or Friday
Marlborough: Monday or Wednesday
Harrisville: Wednesday or Friday
Dublin: Monday or Friday
Nelson: Monday or Wednesday
Jaffrey/Rindge: Wednesday or Friday
Fitzwilliam/Winchendon: Monday or Friday

For more information or to request a route, please email Jack at farmers@traciesfarm.com


2020 Summer Shares

We will be capping our membership at 180 members this year. Last year we had 230 members, so space will be limited. We always advise our members to sign up early, but with the lower cap we especially encourage it this year. Summer shares will run from the end of June to the beginning of October. Official dates will be posted as we get closer to the growing season. Harvest and pickup days are on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Each pickup day will have 60 members. If you plan on picking up on the farm, and want to make sure you pick up on a certain day, we advise signing up early. Dropoff days for deliveries are determined by the driver for that route. This year we will be offering delivery to: Keene, Peterborough, Swanzey, Marlborough, Harrisville, Dublin, Nelson, Troy, Jaffrey, Rindge, Fitzwilliam and Winchendon.

Click Here To Sign Up for Summer Shares!

2020 Spring Greens Share

Membership for the spring greens share in 2020 will be capped at 50 shares. We are offering the same number of shares we provided last year. Spring shares run from mid March to the end of May. Official dates will be posted as we get closer to the growing season. The harvest and pickup day is on Thursday. Pickup on the farm is the only option offered for spring shares, however if there was interest in setting up a pickup location in Keene or Peterborough, we would look into it. The spring share is almost entirely greens from our greenhouse until the last couple of weeks when our asparagus starts to poke up. It is a great way to eat local while there is still snow on the ground (picking up greens in a snowstorm is not uncommon during spring shares).

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