2020 CSA Share Registration Now Open!



Spring and Summer CSA shares for 2020 are now available through the link below, or on our website!

New Beginnings On the Farm

With the New Year just a few days away, and the thought of spring creeping up on me, I wanted to share with our CSA members and community members a little bit about myself and Tracie’s Farm. My name is Jack Rixey, and I have been the farm manager for the past two years at Tracie’s, and am entering my fifth year on the farm in total. My duties as manager consisted of running the farm and the business on a daily basis, and doing much of the back-end work for the farm as well. I plan the fields, handle emails and marketing, write the newsletter, and many other things around the farm, too many to list. When Tracie took a step back the mid 2010’s, she wanted her farm managers to feel a sense of ownership over the farm, and to do that she felt she needed to allow the managers to run the farm as they see fit. Tracie gave me the opportunity to run the farm as I saw fit for the past two years. As you very well may know by now, Tracie sold the farm this fall to our neighbors, Tom and Mary Frazier of Elephant Rock Farm. Tracie had been away from farming entirely for the past few years, and she felt it was time to move on from the business. The Frazier’s are excited to bring Tracie’s farm into the fold of Elephant Rock Farm, and I am excited at the opportunity to continue growing on the beautiful piece of land. We do not intend to make any major changes to the business or how it is run. For all intents and purposes, Tracie’s Farm will continue to run the same way it has for the past 20 years. I have a great respect for Tracie and the farm she built, and to emulate her success in the field is my priority. That being said, being bought by another farm brings in many exciting opportunities and additions for Tracie’s Farm. In the coming years we are looking forward to incorporating meat, apples, maple syrup, cordwood, eggs, and much more into our offerings!


Looking Ahead to 2020

When Tracie handed over control of her farm to her farm managers, she wanted them to feel a sense of ownership over the farm. I share that sentiment with Tracie, and what I am most excited about for 2020 is being able to offer the same opportunity to all the farmers at Tracie’s. We will be returning four farmers next year, myself included. The other three are Sarah Tarr, Will Kindler, and Nolan Buonomano. Sarah, Will and Nolan have all fallen in love with the farm since they started working at Tracie’s. Will and I have been working together for three years, and Sarah and Nolan have worked beside us for two years. You have more than likely seen them on the farm or interacted with them in the barn. The past year all three of them really stepped up and took on an active role in making sure the farm succeeded and the shares looked good. This year that will continue as they will be involved in decision making on the farm, crop selection, and increased responsibility in the areas that they do best.

We were extremely happy with how our shares were received in 2019, but even so there are many things we noticed that we would like to improve on for our CSA shares in 2020:

Expanding the selection of early season vegetables in shares
Better timing of cucumber plantings so that members are not inundated with cukes
Improving our broccoli planting timings so that we are able to include it in shares for at least 60% of the season
Getting better production out of our melon plantings to offer more melons in shares
Expanding the varieties of cherry tomatoes we grow for a more vibrant pint
Growing more flowers for flower shares and PYO offerings

Summer Shares for 2020

We will be capping our membership at 180 members this year. Last year we had 230 members, so space will be limited. We always advise our members to sign up early, but with the lower cap we especially encourage it this year. Summer shares will run from the end of June to the beginning of October. Official dates will be posted as we get closer to the growing season. Harvest and pickup days are on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Each pickup day will have 60 members. If you plan on picking up on the farm, and want to make sure you pick up on a certain day, we advise signing up early. Dropoff days for deliveries are determined by the driver for that route. This year we will be offering delivery to: Keene, Peterborough, Swanzey, Marlborough, Harrisville, Dublin, Nelson, Troy, Jaffrey, Rindge, and Winchendon.

Click Here To Sign Up for Summer Shares!

Spring Greens Share for 2020

Membership for the spring greens share in 2020 will be capped at 50 shares. We are offering the same number of shares we provided last year. Spring shares run from mid March to the end of May. Official dates will be posted as we get closer to the growing season. The harvest and pickup day is on Thursday. Pickup on the farm is the only option offered for spring shares, however if there was interest in setting up a pickup location in Keene or Peterborough, we would look into it. The spring share is almost entirely greens from our greenhouse until the last couple of weeks when our asparagus starts to poke up. It is a great way to eat local while there is still snow on the ground (picking up greens in a snowstorm is not uncommon during spring shares).

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