Spring Shares Week 6, 2019!

lettuce Mix

Week 6 of Spring Shares 4/18!

We are already halfway through Spring Shares! It’s amazing how fast Spring moves on the farm. We hope every one has been enjoying the greens so far, and we are looking forward to providing y’all with fresh produce for the next 6 weeks!

Pick up will be on Thursday, April 18th any time after 2:30pm in the barn.

“C” denotes a green that can be used for cooking
“R” denotes a green that can be used raw for salads, sandwiches, etc.

A ? denotes a crop that we are on the fence about harvesting for the current week.

What to expect Week 6:
Arugula C R
Baby Kale C R
Chard C R
Lettuce Mix R
Radishes ? C R
Spinach C R
Tokyo Bekana C R
CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE: Sautéed Tokyo Bekana with Sesame, Ginger & Soy Sauce
Turnip Greens C R
A staff favorite for flavor!

Egg Share: 12 Week

Anticipated basket Week 7:
Baby Kale
Lettuce Mix
Ruby Red Orach


Roadside Nursery Opens April 29th!

We are very excited to be opening our plant stand in a couple of weeks! If you’ve been preparing your garden beds on the sunny days we’ve had the past few weeks, make sure to keep us in mind when planning what crops you would like to put in! Our nursery offers a wide variety of flower and vegetable starts that are well adapted to the New Hampshire climate, and that we plant on our farm. There will be a good selection of herbs, flowers, vegetables, hanging baskets, deck planters, perennials, and annuals. Come check us out on Monday, April 29th!

Summer Share

Summer CSA Shares Are Available!

Now that we have reached our goal of 100 members by April 1st, our next goal is to have at least 250 Summer CSA members for this year!

We offer flexible payment plans to our members that do not wish to, or are not able to, pay for the entire price of the share up front. Our only requirements for payment are a $50 down payment upon signing up for your Summer Share, and to have the entirety of the CSA Share paid for in full by July 1st, 2019. We want everyone to be able to enjoy our produce, and offering payment plans is one way we are able to make that possible! You can follow the link below for more information regarding our 2019 Summer CSA Shares:

Or follow this link to sign up today:


Tracie’s Farm 20th Anniversary May Day Pizza Potluck!

Saturday, May 4th from 4:00pm til dark

Please join us for our annual Spring pizza party! We will be firing up our cob oven to sling some wood fired pizzas for our members and the public, all are welcome. It is a pizza potluck because we provide the dough and cheese, and you bring the toppings! By the middle of the party there is a whole table of toppings to choose from for your pizza!

We will be attempting a may pole dance around the pole towards the front of our driveway. Personally, this will be my first time twisting a may pole, so if you’ve got some knowledge come on down and give us a hand!

After the dance and the pizza all are welcome to stay for the burning of our large brush pile down past the pavilion. It oughtta be a big one this year!


Spring Shares Have Started, But It’s Not Too Late To Join!

Pro-rated Spring CSA Shares Available

Didn’t sign up in time for Spring Shares? Just hearing about our Spring CSA? No Problem! We will continue to offer pro-rated Spring CSA Shares through the first few weeks of the season. If you are interested in getting in on the greens, please email farmers@traciesfarm.com to sign up!

Summer Share

Monadnock Farm Share Program!

Tracie’s is extremely pleased to announce that we will be offering four subsidized Small CSA shares through the new Monadnock Farm Share Program. The program is designed to ease the cost burden of CSA shares for those that may not be able to afford it. Through the program, the recipient of the CSA share pays 50% of the total cost of the share, the Farm Share Fund pays 25%, and the farm covers the other 25%. This year we will be using money raised by donations to our Share Care Fund to cover the farms portion of the program. If you are interested in learning more about how to participate in the program, please follow the link below:



2019 Delivery Drivers Needed!

We are still looking for delivery drivers for 2019 Summer CSA Season. Our delivery drivers are expected to deliver up to 18 shares (~1 hour of driving) once a week for the full 16-weeks of the Summer CSA Season. In exchange, we compensate our drivers with a FREE Summer CSA Share.

If you are interested in this position and can make the commitment for the full 16 weeks, please email Jack Rixey at farmers@traciesfarm.com for more information!

Our current needs for delivery drivers are:
Fitzwilliam/Richmond/Troy M or W
Gardner, MA M or W

The Importance of Early Signups and Down Payments

Now that the Early Bird Specials for 2019 are passed, we thought we would elaborate a bit on how important it is for us to receive early signups for our CSA shares and the down payments that are required along with them.

To be noted: although we try to be as flexible as possible with our payment plans, we do require a $50 Down Payment due upon signup.

Early signups give us a sense of how many customers we can count on supplying shares for during the 2019 season. Although we have target numbers, and both low and high approximations of how many CSA Shares we expect to sell, we still rely on early signups to give us a more accurate idea of how many shares we will be providing for the coming year. Knowing how many shares we expect to sell in any given year affects our row planning, crop spacing, employment numbers, and inventory counts, plus so much more. Getting this information early helps us prepare ourselves for the coming season, and helps us prepare our fields to get maximum production over the 37 weeks we are providing CSA shares to members.

The down payment we require upon signing up is important to help get the farm shake off some of the winter rust after a long down season. The Spring is front loaded with most of the expenses for the farm, and includes our supply order, compost order, seed order, and advertising among other things. These are all necessary to get us up and running again, and the totals often end up in the thousands. Down payments and early share payments help us stay ahead of the game in the early Spring, which leads to a more productive Summer. We urge all of our members to sign up as early as possible, and we believe it is beneficial to us all.


Work Share Positions Available!

We are looking for workshares for our 2019 Summer CSA Season! Workshares exchange four hours of work per week on either Monday, Wednesday, or Friday in exchange for a FREE Small CSA Share ($380 value, you can work more hours for larger shares). Our workshare positions are a great way to meet your local farmers, get to know how the food you eat is produced, and learn about the innerworkings of a small diversified vegetable operation. If you are interested in a workshare position, please email Jack Rixey at farmers@traciesfarm.com for more information!

EHF Logo

East Hill Farm Spring Farm Days!

Join us on Monday, April 22 from 9 am to 3 pm for a spectacular spring day!

Participate in some of our favorite activities and soak up all things spring on the farm! Activities may include: Milking the cow and goat, Pony Rides and Grooming, Visiting the Animals, Arts & Crafts, Butter Making, a Barnyard Bingo Game, a Sheep Shearing Demonstration, and a Campfire with S’mores Making!

$35/adult, $25/child, includes activities, lunch, tax and gratuities! What better way to spend your spring day.

All children must be accompanied by an an adult. Reservations are required. Please call us at 603 -242 -6495 with questions or to reserve your spot while it’s available!

cccdlogo horizontal opt2

Community Supported Solar by the Cheshire County Conservation District

As a part of a campaign to broaden the access to solar power in our region, the Cheshire County Conservation District is asking for contributions to the Community Supported Solar Project. Please follow the link below for more information regarding the project and how you can help support it!

CCCD Community Supported Solar


Tracie’s is Now Accepting SNAP/EBT!

We have teamed up with the Cheshire County Conservation District to bring a SNAP card reader to our farm store. You can now use your SNAP card to purchase any veggies or food items from our farm store or to help pay for your CSA Share! All that AND through Granite State Market Match any veggie purchases on a SNAP card are 50% off! What a deal!

The hours the SNAP reader will be available are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10:00am to 5:30pm.

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