Fall Shares Week 7 2018


Week 7 of Fall Shares!

How has everyone been adjusting to the time change? We on the farm were certainly happy to get the extra hour of sleep after a long season, and to wake up with the sun already risen! Here’s week 7 of Fall Shares for you!

Thursday, November 15th
Pick up is in the barn anytime after 3:30pm

The veggie that made it into your basket last week that was not listed on the harvest schedule was a Sunchoke or Jerusalem Artichoke. They will store for quite a while in your refrigerator, and the recipe of the week this week features them!

Unfortunately we will not be harvesting any more salad greens this season. The hail a few weeks ago battered it down, and we just didn’t get the regrowth we were hoping for. We will however be including Kale in the baskets for as long as the plants last!

Some veggies may come with limited pest damage. We are committed to operating as a 100% Spray and Pesticide Free farm, and one of the results of that is occasional pest problems. Typically the extent of the damage is small holes nibbled by insects, and we will never pass out vegetables that have lost their nutritional integrity due to pest damage. We hope you will understand!

A ? denotes a veggie that is either on the fence about harvesting this week, or will begin to make its way around the baskets week by week until everyone receives some.

What to Expect Week 7:
Butternut Squash

Egg Share: Every Week + Every Other Week

Bread Share: Sweet Pepper & Cheddar

Anticipated Harvest Week 8 (Subject to Change):
Butternut Squash
Sweet Potatoes

Egg Share: Every Week


Thanksgiving Week Pickup Will Be on Tuesday 11/20

In order to give our crew the day off and get y’all your veggies in preparation for the big meal, we will be packing your baskets for the week of Thanksgiving on Tuesday, 11/20! We hope you are able to spend the day with those you care about!

Spare Dresser Crop Storage

How To Store Your Fall Veggies!

Many of the vegetables that you will receive in your Fall Share are able to be stored for significant periods of time using the correct methods. We are including the link below for y’all to follow to get detailed instruction on the proper storage techniques for almost all of the vegetables you will receive in your basket this season:

Summer Share

Spring and Summer Shares On Sale Dec. 2018

Something to keep in mind–Our Spring and Summer CSA Shares will be going on sale beginning in December of 2018. Our CSA Model does best when we receive early signups and payments, as spending on the farm is frontloaded in the Spring. PLUS we will be offering some kind of discount to members that are early to signup, stay tuned for more details!


Planning for Wholesale Success & Scaling Up your Farm Business Workshop

Tuesday, December 4, 2018
5:30pm – 7:30pm, Stonewall Farm
Dinner will be served – FREE

Marketing experts and experienced farmers offer tools, resources, innovative ideas, and lessons learned for marketing to intermediary and wholesale markets. Format: two, 50-minute workshops — brief presentation followed by a 15-20 minute panel discussion, ending with a 20-minute audience Q & A.

Follow the link for more information and to register!
Click Here For More Information!

cccdlogo horizontal opt2

Community Supported Solar by the Cheshire County Conservation District

As a part of a campaign to broaden the access to solar power in our region, the Cheshire County Conservation District is asking for contributions to the Community Supported Solar Project. Please follow the link below for more information regarding the project and how you can help support it!

CCCD Community Supported Solar


Tracie’s is Now Accepting SNAP/EBT!

We have teamed up with the Cheshire County Conservation District to bring a SNAP card reader to our farm store. You can now use your SNAP card to purchase any veggies or food items from our farm store or to help pay for your CSA Share! All that AND through Granite State Market Match any veggie purchases on a SNAP card are 50% off! What a deal!

The hours the SNAP reader will be available are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10:00am to 5:30pm.


Washing Veggies

We wash and sort all of greens coming out of the field, but we recommend that you do the same when you get your share home. For the seasoned CSA veterans, washing greens may seem like a no-brainer. However, there is an order to it and we would like to pass along as much information to our members as possible, new and old. Below is a step by step guide to washing your greens followed by a link for washing all of your vegetables!

Examples of leafy greens are kale, lettuce, Swiss chard, rapini, cabbage and pre-bagged greens like baby spinach.
▪ Wash all leafy green vegetables, including pre-bagged greens under cold running tap water.
▪ For leafy vegetables, such as lettuce and cabbage, remove the outer leaves first. Throw away any wilted or discoloured leaves.
▪ Rinse leafy vegetables in a colander, drain (or use a salad spinner) and pat dry with a paper towel or tea towel.
▪ Store in clean paper towels or a tea towel in a sealed plastic bag in the fridge. Use within a week.

Tip: Washing your green leafy vegetables as soon as you bring them home will make them easier to use in salads, stir fries and other dishes when you need them.

Vegetable Washing


What The Farmers Are Up To

Our raspberry bushes were all pruned in preparation for winter this week. Things are starting to wind down on the farm, but we still have a few more big projects to finish up!

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