Summer Shares Week 14 2018


Summer Shares Week 14!

Brrrr, it’s starting to feel like Fall, especially the past couple of nights! Our crops are still looking good for the final weeks of the Summer Shares and the beginning of Fall Shares. Lots of Peppers are turning red, and the Eggplant looks to be really coming into itself. Tomatoes will be a regular from here out, but our Cherry Tomatoes have taken a dip in production. There were a lot of blossoms on Friday, so hopefully by next week they will be a regular in everyone’s basket.

Monday September 10th, Wednesday September 12th, Friday September 14th
Pick up is in the barn anytime after 3:30pm

Wholesale Veggies

Firsts Tomatoes— $1.25/lb on orders over 10lbs
Seconds Tomatoes–$.50/lb
Roma Tomatoes–$1.50/lb
Heirloom Tomatoes–$2.00/lb

Some veggies may come with limited pest damage. We are committed to operating as a 100% Spray and Pesticide Free farm, and one of the results of that is occasional pest problems. Typically the extent of the damage is small holes nibbled by insects, and we will never pass out vegetables that have lost their nutritional integrity due to pest damage. We hope you will understand!

A ? denotes a veggie that is either on the fence about harvesting this week, or will begin to make its way around the baskets week by week until everyone receives some.

What to Expect Week 14:
Butternut Squash
Summer Squash
Slicing Cucumbers
Pickling Cucumbers?
Cherry Tomatoes?

Egg Share: Every Week

Kale Share: Every Week
Chard Share: Every Week + Every Other Week

Herb Share: Cilantro
Specialty Greens: Arugula and Baby Kale Mix

Flower Share
Lettuce Mix Share

Bread Share: French Seeded

Anticipated Harvest Week 15 (Subject to Change):
Butternut Squash
Summer Squash?
Cherry Tomatoes

Egg Share: Every Week + Every Other Week

Kale Share: Every Week + Every Other Week
Chard Share: Every Week

Herb Share: Parsley
Specialty Greens: Arugula and Baby Kale Mix

Lettuce Mix Share
Flower Share


A Plea For Fall Share Signups and Payments

As you all may know, farming is a labor of love, but it is not always easy to make ends meat on a farm. Our Fall Share signups have been slow coming in, and we would like to ask anyone that is planning on signing up to do so sooner rather than later, and to please recommend us to anyone that may be interested. Tracie’s Farm has been around for 19 years, and although it has always been a profitable enterprise, that streak is becoming harder and harder to keep up. CSA sales to the members of our community allow us to continue farming and serving our community, which is why we ask for your membership and the membership of the people you know. We strive to keep our share prices as low as possible for our members so that everyone can enjoy farm fresh produce, but in order to do that we need to sell a certain amount of shares. Any recommendation helps, and every member makes a difference in the success of our farm. Thank you for being a part of our community, and we hope we can remain a part of your community for years to come.

Fall VEggies

Fall Share Signups Are Now Open!

Our ordering site for 2018 Fall Shares is live! Our Fall Share will run from Thursday, October 4th through Thursday, November 29th. The Fall Share is a personal favorite amongst the staff at Tracie’s and includes veggies like Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Garlic, Onions, Leeks, Cabbage, Carrots, Beets, and many more! The best part of the Fall Share is that most of the veggies store well, so you can eat local produce all winter long. We offer four pickup locations around the Monadnock Region for our Fall Share, which will be located in Keene, Swanzey, Nelson, and Peterborough. Follow the links below for more information or to sign up right away:

Fall Share Info

Fall Share Signups

cccdlogo horizontal opt2

Community Supported Solar by the Cheshire County Conservation District

As a part of a campaign to broaden the access to solar power in our region, the Cheshire County Conservation District is asking for contributions to the Community Supported Solar Project. Please follow the link below for more information regarding the project and how you can help support it!

CCCD Community Supported Solar


Tracie’s is Now Accepting SNAP/EBT!

We have teamed up with the Cheshire County Conservation District to bring a SNAP card reader to our farm store. You can now use your SNAP card to purchase any veggies or food items from our farm store or to help pay for your CSA Share! All that AND through Granite State Market Match any veggie purchases on a SNAP card are 50% off! What a deal!

The hours the SNAP reader will be available are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10:00am to 5:30pm.


Washing Veggies

We wash and sort all of greens coming out of the field, but we recommend that you do the same when you get your share home. For the seasoned CSA veterans, washing greens may seem like a no-brainer. However, there is an order to it and we would like to pass along as much information to our members as possible, new and old. Below is a step by step guide to washing your greens followed by a link for washing all of your vegetables!

Examples of leafy greens are kale, lettuce, Swiss chard, rapini, cabbage and pre-bagged greens like baby spinach.

Wash all leafy green vegetables, including pre-bagged greens under cold running tap water.
For leafy vegetables, such as lettuce and cabbage, remove the outer leaves first. Throw away any wilted or discoloured leaves.
Rinse leafy vegetables in a colander, drain (or use a salad spinner) and pat dry with a paper towel or tea towel.
Store in clean paper towels or a tea towel in a sealed plastic bag in the fridge. Use within a week.

Tip: Washing your green leafy vegetables as soon as you bring them home will make them easier to use in salads, stir fries and other dishes when you need them.

Vegetable Washing


Workshares Welcome!

If you are interested in receiving a Summer Share but are unable to afford the full cost, we have workshare and delivery driver positions available! We trade a Summer Share to certain individuals who are willing to volunteer their time to Tracie’s Farm one day a week. Workshares are expected to work for four hours one harvest day per week and Delivery Drivers will be assigned a route to deliver to during the Summer Season. We trade a Small Share plus veggie add-ons as a base for Workshare and Delivery, but if you volunteer more time you can receive a larger share or non-veggie add-ons (coffee, bread, eggs)! If you are interested in trading you time for a share, follow the link below!
Work Shares needed Monday, Wednesday, or Friday!

Work Share and Delivery Drivers.


Recipe of The Week

Stuffed Peppers

Spring Radishes

What The Farmers Are Up To

We spent the week pulling up our old plastic and prepping the field to be cover cropped through the winter. We continued to harvest Acorn Squash and Butternut Squash, and they are both looking great for the Fall Shares!

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