Week 6 of Summer Shares 2016

Week of July 18th

Week 6 of Summer Shares
Pick-up in the barn any time after 3:30 PM

We do our best to anticipate what you will be getting in your share basket the coming week. It is possible this can change for many reasons! If you don’t get something in your basket you will get it a different week- sometimes we don’t have enough of something to make it all the way around but we do keep track. If something is listed with a question mark we are unsure if it will be ready.

Napa Cabbage
Summer Squash
Chard Every Week Only
Kale Share
Orchard Hill Bread Share: Honey Multi-Grain
Herb Share: Mon- sage, Wed- basil, Fri- parsley


Work Exchange and Paid Employment Opportunities

We have still have several harvest workshare positions available. Friday is our highest need. This involves working on the farm a certain number of hours a week in exchange for your share. We rely on our workshares to help us make this farm work! Please contact us at farmers@traciesfarm.com for more information and details!

We have 1 paid position available:
Harvest Crew Member- You are expected to work M,W, and F from July through the end of September from 7am to 3:30pm.

For more information click here: Employment
Or email farmers@traciesfarm.com


What Are the Farmers Up to These Days?

Things are really starting to come in now at the farm! Summer squash and zucchini are here with cucumbers not far behind. Baby peppers and Asian eggplant have appeared, raspberries are going nuts, blueberries have started, cherry tomatoes are slowly coming in, and we have harvested our first broccoli of the season as well. We did get some rain over the weekend but are really hoping for a bit more tonight! We have been weeding and fertilizing all of our summer squash, zucchini, cucumbers, melons, and winter squash. This is a tough and very scratchy prickly job! We have also done a lot of trellising and pinching work on both our indoor and outdoor tomatoes. We took advantage of the slightly dampened soil and transplanted cabbage and broccoli. We are trying to be creative with our space and where sprinklers and hoses can reach since we don’t have any irrigation to rely on! It has been an insanely dry season for us. We are making it work so far!

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