Week 15 of Summer Shares

Week 15 of Summer Shares: Week of September 21st

Week of Sept. 27th is the LAST WEEK of Summer Shares!

Fall Share sign-up for 2015 is now available! Click here: Fall Share Sign-up

Summer Share members may take a pie pumpkin off the stonewall!

We can now take orders for tomato seconds for canning and freezing- first come first serve basis!  You can order for M, W, or F.  $.50 per lb for seconds, $1.25 for 1sts (unblemished) or f$1.50 for 10+lbs Roma Tomatoes. Email farmers@traciesfarm.com to order.

Sometimes an item doesn’t make it all the way around to all the members. We keep track of where we left off and hand it out to people who didn’t get it the following week.  These items are often listed with a ‘?’ next to it on our harvest list!

Delivery shares will be getting paperbags the next 2 weeks so drivers won’t have to make a special trip to pick up baskets after Summer Shares are over.

This Week’s Harvest:

Head Lettuce      Kale Every Week Only             

Radishes              Celeriac

Cucumbers?       Summer Squash?             

Chard Share       Acorn Squash

Zucchini?            Cherry Tomatoes?

Peppers?            Tomatoes


Raspberry Share?

Mesclun Share      

Herb Share: M: Basil W and F: Sage

Orchard Hill Bread Share:  Harvest Multigrain


LAST WEEK HARVEST: Leeks, Butternut Squash, Radishes, Tomatoes, Chard Every Week Only, Kales Share, Mesclun Every Week Only, Raspberry Share?,  Herb Share- parsley, Lettuce? Melon? Eggplant? Summer Squash? Cukes? Zucchini? Cherry Tomatoes? Spinach?

Image result for celeriacThis Week’s Recipe: What is Celeriac?

Creamy Celeriac Soup


10339763_2292788714308_1548868108859369126_n  Farmer Update: Things are finally slowing down a bit here on the farm with the changing of the seasons.  The weather has been beautiful!  We have been working on our winter squash harvest of pumpkins, butternut, and acorn squash and it is looking abundant!  We are also working on cleaning our storage onions.  We have done some hoeing and cleaning up of crops that are done producing.  Next week, the week of September 27th, is the LAST WEEK of Summer Shares.  Don’t be too sad- you can sign up for your Fall Share today! Fall Shares start immediately after Summer Shares end so you only have 2 weeks left to sign-up.  Join us Saturday September 19th for our Annual Fall Equinox and Harvest Celebration!  It will begin at 5 p.m. and end when you feel like you’re done celebrating!  THERE WILL BE WOOD FIRED PIZZA!  Help us unveil our new cob oven by bringing toppings to share like cheese, cut up veggies, meat, pesto etc. and/or a side dish.  We’ll provide the dough.  Donations for dough and cob oven supplies appreciated!  Camp fire where we will burn the Maypole, lawn games, and farm tour!  Hope you have been enjoying your overflowing baskets!  Stop by our Farmstore for veggies, herbs, Orchard Hill Bread, Smith Country Cheese, Walpole Creamery ice cream, and more!


 farmstoreWhat’s Fresh Now in the Farmstore?


Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, Asian Pears, Lettuce Mix, Mesclun, Chard, Kale, Parsley, Beets, Carrots. Local eggs, honey, and syrup. Orchard Hill Bread, Walpole Creamery Ice Cream, Smith Country Cheese.

 We will have a new system in our Farm Store for you to track debits and credits.  There will be a folder behind the lock box with tabs A-Z.  You can use a piece of paper from the notebook, write your last name, date and debits or credits on it.  Then file it under the correct tab so you can find it easily the next time you visit the store!

Farmstore open daily from sunup to sundown.


Notes From Members of Our Community:

Spray Free Local Macintosh Apples!  $2.00 per lb. Contact Bob White at (978) 249-9122 to order.


Wingate Farm chicken is back for 2015! We are offering fresh, pasture-raised, organically-fed chicken for pickup at Tracie’s
Community Farm and other locations. There is no substitute for quality meat raised on grass, and we want to be your local source for premium poultry. We believe healthy, local food should be available to everyone, regardless of income. In this spirit we use a sliding-scale payment structure, where you choose the amount that’s right for you.
Please visit www.wingate-farm.com to learn more about us, the farm, and how to order your chickens.

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    Hello, Do you know a source for organic meat bones? I want to make bone broth.

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