Celeriac- What Is It?
Some information on Celeriac!
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  1. Celeriac, also called celery root, is a variety of celery cultivated for its edible root.
  2. The top of celeriac looks very similar to the celery you are used to, but it's not the part you eat.
  3. The part you eat, the bulbous root, looks like a brown mess!
  4. Simply cut a chunk off, then cut off the brownish outside layer before use. The very center of the root ball may be a bit tough or woody.
  5. It tastes just like celery but with the texture of a root vegetable!
  6. It stores for up to 8 months (sometimes longer!) in your refrigerator. Use it all winter!
  1. You can pretty much use celeriac any time you would usually use celery- in a pot pie or in a soup. Just remember the texture is different and it does take a little longer to soften than celery.
  2. You can even eat it raw added to a tuna sandwich or in a slaw or salad. Just grate it!
  3. It is delicious just diced and roasted along with beets, potatoes, carrots, winter squash and any other fall/winter veggies!
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2 responses to Celeriac

  1. Gerald (Jerry) Nordstrom says:

    I tried the celeriac when I first got it in last years share. Loved it. I am looking forward to it in this years share.
    The melons are lovely for breakfast. Keep them in the share mix.

    • Tracie Loock says:

      Celeriac is great! We actually prefer it to celery and substitute it for celery in almost all soup recipes! Same flavor but will keep for months in your refrigerator! We have been so amazed at how well our melons did (quantity and flavor!) this year, glad you’ve been enjoying them too!
      -Tracie’s Community Farm

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