March 20th, 2013

It feels strange to say but…Happy Spring! Despite this last snow, the days are getting longer, and soon will be getting warmer. Over the past week, I seeded kale, our first round of broccoli for the summer, and greenhouse tomatoes in the greenhouse. Due to the cold weather this week, we decided not to move cold hardy plants into our unheated greenhouse and will wait till Monday.

James hoed the claytonia, and weeded in the greenhouse, and did greenhouse and farmstand repairs. We transplanted bac choi, tokyo bekana, and lettuce in the ground in the greenhouses for Spring Share greens and fish fertilized them in as well as fish fertilized the spinach.

I added a really good kale recipe in the recipe section to eat that super sweet overwintered kale Spring Shares received on Friday. I also added a borscht recipe to use your beets and any other root veggies you have left over from last year. I made with gluten free winter squash (from last falls squash) biscuits last night and it was delicious. 19th day gluten free and after months of not feeling well, I feel great! Highly recommend for anyone having digestive issues. The Dr prescribed me acid reflux med which ended up not being the problem and most likely making disgestion worse. Just something I’ve learned that I hope can help others as it was really affecting the quality of my life.

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  1. Deb White says:

    We’ve been gluten free by choice for a year now and never felt better! I’ve got loads of gf recipes inlcuding my new favorite – buffalo cauliflower. Never need to eat chicken wings again. It’s so delicious.

    After many years of coming “home” every summer and purchasing from your farm, we retired and have officially signed up for a summer share. So looking forward to enjoying the produce.

    Thanks for caring about our community and the quality of our foods.

    Deb and Tom White

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