March 14th

The super long days have begun!  This week, we transplanted flowers, lettuce and bac choi in the greenhouse.  We hung the hanging baskets to make room on the benches and by the end of today the heated greenhouse will be completely full.  Next week we’ll be moving cold hardy plants into our unheated greenhouse to make more room for the ever increasing plants.

James hoed the spinach, and I pruned the pears, plums and peaches.  James, Sarah, Jen and I pruned blueberries yesterday.  We’ll be going out 1 or 2 more times to finish.  I printed a bunch of barn signs that we’ll laminate and hang today as well as do more organizing of the barn.  We also have been pumping water out of the barn.  It looks like we’ll be working on our drainage as something has changed with the flow of water.

Our farm was awarded the Community Asset Award at Farm Appreciation Night.  It felt good to have our hard work over the years recognized.

We had a farm crew meeting over dinner at Ed’s.  We went over updated practices and policies for this year.   We’re going to be adding a page on our website with pics of everyone in our crew along with bio’s.  Everyone’s looking forward to the season ahead!

Friday, we chose our 3 winners of farm gifts out of the 73% of members who signed up for a summer share by March 7th! Thank you to all of you who signed up early! It helps with our planning and peace of mind! The winners are: Kate Rantilla of Jaffrey and Colleen Conway of Gardner who both chose cut flower shares and Sharon LaFlamme of Fitzwilliam who chose $30 worth of farm gift certificates!

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