March 7th, 2013

This week, we continued to transplant flowers, herbs and perennials in the greenhouse, moved germinated onions, leeks and scallions off the heating mats and ungerminated flats onto the heating mats.  It’s looking green in there and the living plants are reinspiring us for the season of work ahead.

This winter I’ve found myself getting burned out with the office side of things as it’s become overwhelming as the farm has grown.  I got caught up in the details and started to forget about why I do this.  Working with the plants is reminding me of why I have chosen this path.  I have a connection to plants, and enjoy growing them to meet our communities need of healthy pure food.  I needed this reminder to give me the energy to continue doing all the other activities that make it all work.

James weeded the lettuce and bac choi, cleaned the farm store area, barn, organized the walk-in and 4th bay, replaced lights in the barn, and tagged baskets for spring shares.  We restocked the store with Smith Country Cheese and Walpole Creamery Ice Cream.

I continued to enter shares, payments and pick up supplies we need.  I made signs for all the plants we sell at our farmstore with pictures, and growth recquirements.  Because it is self service I find that people don’t always know what the plants are so the pictures and names will help.  And they look really nice so it was rewarding to do!

265 members have signed up for summer shares (about 70% sold out).  If you’ve already placed an order you can sign in anytime using your name and email to view what you ordered.  We are close to selling out of our available blueberry and raspberry shares.

Many of us from the farm will be at the Farmer’s Appreciation Night on Friday March 8th.  Say hi if you plan to attend.  We’re looking forward to enjog good company, eat good food (they have gluten free and dairy free options too, we donated beets!), and contra dancing later in the evening.  Read below for more info.

I added a chocolate beet cake recipe below in the recipe section that I found online in case any of you have beets left over from the fall or summer share!  Plus those of you with spring shares will be getting beets next Friday!

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