Spring Shares Week 5 2021! Half CSA Shares SOLD OUT. Small, Family, Large Family shares stil…

Like       Week 5 of Spring Shares 4/13! Holy cow we had a nice stretch of weather there! I hope everyone was able to enjoy some of the early spring sunshine. The farmers loved it, and the crops in our greenhouse were soaking it up. Our fields are happy with the sun and the wind, as well. They’ll need a couple more weeks to dry out enough to start working them, but the past few days really made a difference. The farmers have been extra busy as we ramp up for summer planting. Sarah, Nolan, and I are in every day, and we get a bigger crew in on Wednesdays and Fridays to complete some of the bigger field prep tasks. Rock harvest is fast approaching. We spent last Friday picking up landscape fabric from last year. There … Continue reading »

Spring Shares Week 4 2021! Summer Shares 60% Sold Out!

Like       Week 4 of Spring Shares 4/6! Happy April, Everyone! We have a beautiful stretch of weather coming up, and the farmers couldn’t be more thrilled to be working in the sun again. The greens in our greenhouses have been soaking up the sun, and we should start getting some more variety in shares soon. For now though, it will be a pretty similar share to last week. Carrots are going to be back in baskets as we continue to clear out our fall storage crop. Chard is in shares again. The rainbow chard has been performing well this spring. Claytonia is cycling back into shares, and should see an quality improvement with a good washing. We are doing one more week of collard greens. Our collards are actually outer leaves of cabbage heads, but they function … Continue reading »

Spring Shares Week 3 2021! Farm Store Back Open!

Like     Shares Returning To Regular Schedule. Farm Store Back Open. We are happy to say that we will be passing out shares again this week and our store will be open to the public again! All of our farmers tested negative for COVID after our exposure, and will be out tomorrow harvesting for our members again this week. We are still working out how we will make up for the lost week of shares. for now, we are going to be passing out eggs to all egg shares this week, and every other week share members will now receive eggs on even weeks going forward. We will keep members updated as we figure out our course of action.   Week 3 of Spring Shares 3/30! What a relief it was to all test negative for the corona virus! … Continue reading »

Spring Shares Week 2 2021! We Are Hiring!

Like       Week 2 of Spring Shares 3/16! Welcome back to another week of shares! It seems every spring that there is a lull at some point in the season. Sometimes it is in the beginning of the season, sometimes in the middle, and occasionally at the end. From the look of things, the first few weeks of shares will be the scarce weeks this season. Luckily for our members, though, over the next few weeks shares should be getting larger and more abundant! We have a few more beds of spinach that are seeded, as well as lettuce mix, radishes, baby kale, arugula, brassica greens, and tokyo bekana. We will be seeding turnips, dill, and cilantro this week, and have lettuce, bok choy, kohlrabi, and fennel sizing up in our greenhouse as we speak! We typically do … Continue reading »

First Week of Spring Shares 3/9/20! Farm Store Opens Friday!

Like       Week 1 of Spring Shares 3/9! Welcome to the first week of spring shares! All spring share members should have received an email with instructions regarding the first week of pickups. We are including that email below, but if you did not receive it, please respond to this email, and I will look into it. We’ve had parts of the crew back on the farm for a few weeks so far this spring, and it feels good to all embark on another season together. Sarah and Nolan are our barn and field managers, respectively. They are the earliest to start on the farm with me, and work part time through the winter, as well. One of our returning full timers, Jackie, has been back to help out seeding in the greenhouse. And a returning part timer, … Continue reading »

2021 CSA Shares Now Available!

Like       Welcome Back! We took a few weeks off from our newsletter following the 2020 season for some much needed down time, but we are back up and running and excited about the coming year! We hope everyone had a good holiday season, and are feeling excited about the year ahead of them! This year we are putting all of our shares up for sale at the same time to allow our members to sign up for all three seasons at once, if they would like to. Last year we had unprecedented demand for CSA shares, and we are anticipating a similar demand this year. We highly suggest members sign up for shares EARLY if you want to make sure you can participate in our CSA this year. It has been a busy winter on the farm. … Continue reading »

Final Week of Fall Shares 2020! Pickup Tuesday, 11/24

Like     Thank You 2020 CSA Members! Thank you to all of our CSA members from this past year. We are entering our final week of the season, which brings an end to our 2020 CSA Shares. The CSA is the driving force behind our farm, and without each of our members, we would not have the farm that we do. Thank you to everyone who participated in our CSA, and in turn, helped keep local agriculture alive in the Monadnock Region. This season had its challenges, as they all do, but it was also full of successes. It was the first season under new ownership, and the transition has been going better than we could have expected, all three seasons of our CSA significantly out-valued the market price of each share, and we have seen steady improvement of … Continue reading »

Fall Shares Week 7 2020! Deliveries Will Receive Paper Bags This Week

Like     Barn Will Be Locked Each Night We are locking our barn every night due to the recent robberies. THE BARN WILL BE LOCKED EACH DAY AT 5:00PM, EXCEPT FOR THURSDAYS, DURING WHICH TIME IT WILL REMAIN UNLOCKED UNTIL 8:00PM TO PICK UP SHARES.   Week 7 of Fall Shares! Brrrr! There is quite the difference between this week and last! We are entering the second to last week of CSA shares, and will be cutting the greens in shares. With the cold weather, we are not able to wash them without subjecting the farmers to colder temps than we are comfortable with, along with that it is unlikely that they will thaw out by the time we would need to harvest for shares. Luckily we have a heater in our barn that we can run to stay … Continue reading »

Fall Shares Week 6, 2020! Farm Store Stocked Fresh Every Thursday!

Like     Barn Will Be Locked Each Night We are locking our barn every night due to the recent robberies. THE BARN WILL BE LOCKED EACH DAY AT 5:00PM, EXCEPT FOR THURSDAYS, DURING WHICH TIME IT WILL REMAIN UNLOCKED UNTIL 8:00PM TO PICK UP SHARES.   Week 6 of Fall Shares! Not much news from the farm to share for this week. We harvested leeks today, so everything is officially out of our fields, and we are pretty well set to close down for the winter. Sure doesn’t feel like winter is approaching with the past couple of days, though! We hope everyone has been enjoying the sunshine and warm weather while it lasts! Shares this week will include: Acorn Squash is back in rotation this week. Carrots will be in shares once again. Chard and Kale from our … Continue reading »

Fall Shares Week 5, 2020! Farm Store Stocked Fresh Every Thursday

Like     Barn Will Be Locked Each Night We are locking our barn every night due to the recent robberies. THE BARN WILL BE LOCKED EACH DAY AT 5:00PM, EXCEPT FOR THURSDAYS, DURING WHICH TIME IT WILL REMAIN UNLOCKED UNTIL 8:00PM TO PICK UP SHARES.   Week 5 of Fall Shares! Things are starting to wind down on the farm here. Everything is out of the fields, and aside from planting garlic and mowing down some of the remaining beds, we are done working in them until next spring. The greenhouses, on the other hand, are humming right along, and we’ll start harvesting from them beginning this week. Now that we are done in the fields, we are letting our crew out as soon as we finish up our task for the day, so it might feel a little … Continue reading »