March 14th

The super long days have begun!  This week, we transplanted flowers, lettuce and bac choi in the greenhouse.  We hung the hanging baskets to make room on the benches and by the end of today the heated greenhouse will be completely full.  Next week we’ll be moving cold hardy plants into our unheated greenhouse to make more room for the ever increasing plants. James hoed the spinach, and I pruned the pears, plums and peaches.  James, Sarah, Jen and I pruned blueberries yesterday.  We’ll be going out 1 or 2 more times to finish.  I printed a bunch of barn signs that we’ll laminate and hang today as well as do more organizing of the barn.  We also have been pumping water out of the barn.  It looks like we’ll be working on our drainage as something has changed with the flow of water. Our farm was awarded the Community Asset … Continue reading »

March 7th, 2013

This week, we continued to transplant flowers, herbs and perennials in the greenhouse, moved germinated onions, leeks and scallions off the heating mats and ungerminated flats onto the heating mats.  It’s looking green in there and the living plants are reinspiring us for the season of work ahead. This winter I’ve found myself getting burned out with the office side of things as it’s become overwhelming as the farm has grown.  I got caught up in the details and started to forget about why I do this.  Working with the plants is reminding me of why I have chosen this path.  I have a connection to plants, and enjoy growing them to meet our communities need of healthy pure food.  I needed this reminder to give me the energy to continue doing all the other activities that make it all work. James weeded the lettuce … Continue reading »

February 27th, 2013

This past week has been super busy.  James and I got the greenhouse up an running.  We set up the benches and heating mats in the smaller seeding greenhouse last Friday.    I sterilized the surfaces, and we brought in all of our seed starting supplies including one of our more important technological advances, a radio!  We spend a lot of time in the greenhouse this time of year.  We had our heater worked on and Ideal Compost potting soil delivered.   Between Monday and Tuesday, we started onions, leeks, scallions, parsley, celery, celeriac and lots of flowers and perennials for our cut flowers and for transplants for sale at our farm stand.  We started lettuce and bac choi for spring shares, which we’ll be transplanting into the ground in the greenhouses.   Tuesday we hoed the spinach greenhouse, chard, weeded lettuce and bac choi and watered the middle greenhouse.  The spinach will be perfect … Continue reading »