Tracie’s Farm CSA

Update Regarding COVID-19

We are tracking the COVID-19 pandemic closely, and taking extreme precautions to make sure our produce gets from our field to your home safely. As food handlers, we hold high standards for the sanitary handling of our produce. In response to this particular virus, we are taking extra steps to do our part in preventing the spread of germs. Some of the steps we are taking are:

  • All veggies are triple washed and tied off in bags.
  • As soon as the veggies hit the sink, they are only handled by farmers with mask and gloves on.
  • Baskets are being spaced out as much as possible in our barn.
  • The barn door is left open during the day and into the night so that members do not have to touch the same handle.
  • Gloves have been placed at the front of our farm store for patrons to use. We ask that all patrons use the gloves provided or their own when shopping in the store.
  • All produce in the store is packaged in twist tied plastic bags.

We are working on setting up Paypal to accept payments at our farm store safely and with the use of cash or checks. Please stay tuned for updates regarding Paypal payments.

These are some of the steps we are taking to keep our members and store shoppers safe, but we cannot do it alone. We ask that all patrons of our farm think safety and uphold sanitary practices when visiting our farm. If you are feeling sick, please stay home! We are happy to arrange drop offs for CSA members or store patrons if they are worried about potentially spreading the virus. If this applies to you, please email, and we can try to work out a delivery situation.


What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, a concept bringing together farms and members of the community to share in a mutually beneficial relationship. CSA members are people who purchase a “share” of the growing season, and in return receive a weekly produce basket full of in-season farm fresh veggies. Typically the shares are sold before the growing season begins, and that money is put back into the farm to cover the costs of starting up in the spring. We love this model because we all support one another. Our members support the farm by entrusting us with the capital necessary to run a produce farm, and the farm supports the members by providing them with the best quality food we can grow!

2020 Spring and Summer CSA Shares Now Available

Spring Greens Share

The spring share has 12 weekly produce baskets from early March through late May. Exact share dates are finalized a few weeks before the start of shares depending on growing conditions. The spring share is a great way to to get the earliest local greens of the season! We start seeding in our greenhouse in February for shares, and baskets are made up of many different types of winter/early spring greens. Spinach and lettuce mix are a couple of the staples, but we make sure to include a wide variety of greens to your basket over the course of the season.

Summer CSA Share

The summer CSA share has weekly produce baskets from the end of June through to the beginning of October. Exact share dates are finalized a few weeks before the start of shares depending on growing conditions. The summer share satisfies all of your veggie needs from early greens to late season tomatoes! We break ground close to the beginning of May and continue seeding and transplanting until September. Our shares include a large variety of veggies you may not see in grocery stores, and a bounty of the veggies we all know and love.

Fall CSA Share

The fall CSA share has weekly produce baskets from the beginning of October to the week of Thanksgiving. Exact share dates are finalized a few weeks before the start of shares depending on growing conditions. The fall share offers top quality storage vegetables to last you through the winter. Early fall, members receive vegetables still producing in the field such as herbs and greens and throughout the whole fall members receive carrots, winter squash, beets, onions, garlic, and more!